XANT announces the industry’s first shared records capability on Playbooks

Silicon Slopes— XANT, the enterprise leader in Sales Engagement, announced in a keynote address at their Sales Development Summit 2020 the industry’s first Shared Records capability. It will give teams the ability to automatically assign CRM records as either shared or personal and is powered by Playbooks’ automation Robots.

XANT has taken a different approach to rules-based automation with Robots. Mark Littlefield, VP and head of product at XANT, said:

“Whereas many treat automation as a way to email spam, we treat it as an enhancement to improve engagement and sales. The basics of Robots includes auto-enrolling records, opportunity funnel progression, prioritizing tasks, triggering reps to customer events, performing reliable data entry, and a lot more. With Shared Records, we’re bringing teams the flexibility to compile records into shared folders or automatically assign them to the right reps so they can accelerate their speed-to-lead and their time-to-value.”

The XANT product team has spent months working with customers to validate this capability’s product-market fit and to determine key use cases, including deploying segmented lead strategies based on lead rankings, efficiently and timely working a sudden influx of leads from events (like webinars or conferences), relieving the workloads of reps who fall behind, reassigning leads when reps are out.

With this new update, users won’t experience lock-outs on leads or prospects–which have become a common phenomenon–or fall behind on high priority leads. “Striking when the iron is hot,” said Littlefield, “is still one of the most important behaviors of high-performing teams.”

Private and shared records help to manage rep capacity. Brian Browne, Sr Manager, Americas Marketing BD at VMWare said of the release, “Our reps will always have a set number of strategically assigned leads, but once they work those leads, Shared Records will give me the flexibility to send them to the well. With a single click, my hardest working reps will have the most opportunity for success. And I’ll never have to worry about leaving revenue on the table.”

About XANT

XANT offers the leading Enterprise Sales Engagement Platform that helps sales professionals accelerate revenue, optimize customer interactions, and connect to the right buyers. Playbooks manages lead follow-up and prospecting cadences, automates administrative tasks, and uses data to predict who, when, and how to engage buyers for the best revenue outcome.