Woodside Homes selects IntelliChief as strategic partner for accounts payable automation

Salt Lake City— Woodside Homes has officially selected IntelliChief, the emerging leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), for Accounts Payable Automation. Leveraging IntelliChief’s seamless integration with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, this new strategic partnership will help Woodside Homes streamline and standardize invoice processing to eliminate clerical errors.

“As part of an on-going effort to improve trade partner relationships, we recognized that we need to improve the way we process and pay invoices,” said Kerry Medellin, Woodside Homes Central Valley Division President. “We need a system that is reliable, efficient, and user friendly. Intellichief has the technology, workflows, and automation tools we are seeking. I am excited to make a time-consuming process easy.”

Since 1977, Woodside Homes has worked diligently to craft a legacy as a fine as its more than 43,000 homes. The Woodside Homes philosophy is succinctly represented in its slogan, “better by design,” which has always translated into homes that go one step further to accommodate the needs of homeowners. It is the reason Woodside Homes is recognized as a Top-30 homebuilder in America.

Today, with the announcement of a strategic partnership with IntelliChief, this philosophy will become the driving force for faster, more accurate business processes that allow Woodside Homes to better accommodate customers and vendors alike. By standardizing and automating AP invoice processing, Woodside Homes back-office will also become “better by design.”

The strategic partnership with IntelliChief is the result of months of conversations, negotiations, whiteboarding sessions, and strategy meetings. It was imperative for both teams to work together to identify AP-related processes suitable for automation.

“We found that we needed a better way to track when invoices are received so they don’t get lost in the shuffle,” said Matt Hale, Director of Finance of Woodside Homes Utah Division. “We needed a software that could track invoices from the moment they’re received, follow them through the approval and payment process and keep them indexed for future retrieval. IntelliChief is going to save us a lot of time and headaches.”

Due to travel restrictions, it was integral for Woodside Homes and IntelliChief to be innovative throughout the project planning phase. Multiple web presentations and demos were conducted during the sales process, including an IT-focused session to highlight administrative capabilities, such as workflow design, the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne integration, and security. Collaborating digitally presented several challenges; however, by working together, a valuable strategic partnership was formed.

“It was a pleasure working with the sales team throughout the research process for the right tool. They were very knowledgeable on the software’s capabilities and answered all of our questions,” said Hale.

IntelliChief outperformed competitors on cost, experience, focus, and integration with JDE, but it was IntelliChief’s robust workflow engine that stood out most. This valuable piece of technology will allow Woodside Homes to standardize workflows and eliminate the need for succession planning.

“We researched many different software companies and watched several product demonstrations online,” said Hale. “IntelliChief rose to the top of the pack and ultimately was the best choice for us. I’ve talked with several others within the Woodside organization and there’s a lot of excitement and anticipation to start using this software.  It will really benefit us both in operations and accounting.”

Ultimately, Woodside Homes Accounts Payable Automation solution consisted of IntelliChief Capture Enterprise for AP Invoices, Email Import, JDE E1 Integration Module, Mobile Access, and Analytics. These integrated technologies will allow Woodside Homes to automate Accounts Payable while laying the groundwork for future expansions.

“We are excited to have Woodside Homes join our growing list of construction customers and integrating IntelliChief into Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne makes it even better since it’s one of our packaged ERP integrations,” said Ken Anderson, Vice President of Sales And Marketing for IntelliChief.