Women Tech Council receives international accolades for innovation, leadership and impact

Salt Lake City— In recognition of more than a decade of impact throughout the technology pipeline, the Women Tech Council (WTC) was honored by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business as Organization of the Year, and their president and cofounder, Cydni Tetro, was awarded Female Innovator of the Year. By working to magnify the economic impact of women in technology through scalable programs from K-12 to the C-Suite, WTC has accelerated individual careers, propelled the growth of companies, and strengthened the technology ecosystem.

“As more research shows the vital role women play in helping teams and companies succeed, there is a huge need for individual and organizational help to transform cultures, attract and retain the best talent, accelerate careers and expand opportunities,” said Cydni Tetro, president of WTC. “Creating scalable programs that fit companies from Fortune 500s to startups and professionals from executives to entry level gives everyone in the technology community the tools, resources and support to realize this type of collaboration, growth and success, ultimately expanding every part of the talent pipeline.”

WTC was chosen for these Stevie awards from among more than 1,500 international organizations run by or for women. Among these candidates, award judges were impressed by the impact WTC creates across such broad audiences and its impact in transforming the technology talent pipeline, and recognized this with two bronze awards.

With programs from high school to the boardroom, WTC creates impact at every level of the economic pipeline by accelerating careers, strengthening companies, inspiring the next generation and uniting the community. Some of these programs include:

  • SheTech, a STEM activation program that has inspired more than 17,000 high school girls pursue technology careers
  • The Women Tech Awards, an awards recognition that honors women creating impact in tech and accelerates their career trajectories
  • 3×3, a mentor series that facilities career connections and inspiration with leaders in technology
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Allyship, a forum that engages, develops and amplifies the processes and tools tech companies are using to build inclusive cultures that attract and retain women in tech
  • Women-Led Startups, a program that connections women founders and leaders with venture capital, mentors, board members and community to support their growth, fundraising and success
  • Women in the C-Suite, an initiative to help showcase talent, build networks and provide visibility to the talent in the technology ecosystem, including executive talent workshops, resources to prepare senior women to serve on boards, and programming to meet the needs of senior-level women
  • CEO Roundtable, a forum that brings executives together to address critical areas for women in tech, building inclusive environments, and elevating career opportunities for women
  • Women in STEM Degrees, an industry-led STEM program to help women pursuing STEM degrees complete their programs and launch successful careers
  • Women Innovators, an exhibit that highlights women innovators, their achievements and impact
  • Inclusion Framework, a tool for technology companies to understand and actionize the most critical factors women use in evaluating job opportunities and companies

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About Women Tech Council:

Founded in 2007, The Women Tech Council (WTC) focuses on the economic impact of women in driving growth for the technology sector. WTC builds programs that amplify and create tech talent to support more women in technology careers from high school to the board room. Through these programs, WTC offers mentoring, visibility, opportunities and networking to more than 10,000 women and men working in technology, has activated more than 17,000 girls to pursue STEM fields, and helps organizations create business environments focused on high performance, not just diversity, where men and women can succeed. These efforts propel individual careers and the talent pipeline by ensuring a strong, diverse, and entrepreneurial technology workforce. For more information on Women Tech Council, visit: