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Vineyard City and One Kind Act a Day collaborate to establish Vineyard as the First Certified City of Kindness

Vineyard, UT—Vineyard City is proud to announce its partnership with One Kind Act a Day to designate Vineyard as the first Certified City of Kindness. This step showcases Vineyard’s dedication to integrating the principles of the One Kind Act a Day initiative into the very fabric of the city, affecting schools, businesses, and community life.

One Kind Act a Day, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering kindness and community engagement, has successfully implemented its initiative on individual levels across the state. However, the collaboration with Vineyard marks the first time the program is being adopted and implemented on a city-wide scale, making Vineyard a trailblazer in prioritizing kindness at a community level.

Vineyard’s Mayor, Julie Fullmer, emphasized the purpose of their initiative, stating, “Kindness is the foundation of safe communities. It provides a catalyst for strong leadership and a well-educated society. It acts as a formidable barrier against homelessness, nurtures the growth of small businesses, and improves health and well-being. This simple yet profound initiative builds a habit that preserves personal freedoms and promotes connected communities.”

Integrating the One Kind Act a Day initiative into schools, businesses, and community organizations within Vineyard is already underway. The city aims to create a comprehensive approach to kindness, fostering an environment where compassion becomes a fundamental aspect of daily life.

One Kind Act a Day lauds Vineyard’s commitment to taking the initiative beyond individual acts of kindness, emphasizing the transformative impact that a united, city-wide effort can have on community dynamics.

“On behalf of One Kind Act a Day, it has been a privilege working with the City of Vineyard on their kindness initiatives,” said Curtis Bennett, Executive Director of One Kind Act a Day. “It has been our observation that from the mayor to city employees, public safety, residents, and most importantly, the schools of Vineyard, a culture of kindness is alive and vibrant. This is a community that understands that kindness is transformational in every component of our lives, positively impacting, now and in the future, our direct quality of life.”

“Vineyard has always valued the spirit of kindness, said Fullmer, and through our collaboration with One Kind Act a Day, we are taking it to new heights. By becoming the first Certified City of Kindness in Utah, we not only achieve a remarkable milestone but hope to inspire neighboring communities to follow suit,” 

To celebrate this groundbreaking collaboration, Vineyard will hold a ceremony on January 29, during which the City will receive the Certified City of Kindness Proclamation. The ceremony will be followed by a press conference where One Kind Act a Day representatives, Vineyard City officials, Utah First Lady Abby Cox, and other community leaders will share insights on the collaborative efforts that led to this momentous occasion.

Vineyard will also be extending a challenge to some of its neighboring cities to be the next to take on the title of Certified City of Kindness.

For media inquiries, reach out to:

Jenna Ahern
Communication Coordinator – Vineyard City
[email protected]
(385) 338-5213

About Vineyard, Utah:

Vineyard, Utah, is a rapidly growing community known for its strategic location, economic vitality, and commitment to sustainable development. With a focus on attracting diverse businesses, fostering a talented workforce, and creating a vibrant lifestyle, Vineyard is poised to become a regional economic powerhouse.