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Utah’s sixth annual FitCon Expo moves outdoors

Lehi— Due to new regulations in Utah to help control the spread of the novel Coronavirus, FitCon has decided to adjust their 6th annual expo in hopes to keep attendees, vendors and athletes safe and supported. 

FitCon 2020 will be held outdoors at Electric Park in Lehi, UT. This beautiful space within Thanksgiving Point can accommodate thousands of people while still maintaining 36 sq ft per person, allowing ample space for everyone to comply with social distancing guidelines and enjoy new activities and events never done indoors! In accordance with county and state guidelines, our staff will also be enforcing the following safety measures:

  • Face masks heavily encouraged when outdoors
  • Minimum of 15’ walkways throughout venue
  • Temperature taken upon entry
  • Sanitization upon entry and at sanitation stations throughout the park
  • Touchless payments via Venmo or credit card 
  • Separate points of entry and exit
  • Separate entrance for high-risk groups

For those who are unable to attend the event because of health or other reasons, we’re extending the FitCon experience to anyone, anywhere through a first-ever digital ticket. (This has never been done by any expo before!) At just $10 per ticket, users can live-stream nearly every aspect of our event, from group workouts to seminars, competitions and other special events. Plus, they can shop all vendor products online at expo prices for the first time ever.

While maintaining safety and health is our absolute top priority, another important reason for moving ahead with FitCon is our loyalty and support for businesses in the health and fitness industry. 

Since the pandemic hit, we’ve watched many struggle and fight to keep their businesses alive. They’ve reinvented their offerings, provided free online workouts, given special discounts to healthcare workers, and more! As hundreds of vendors rely on FitCon for marketing, sales and customer acquisition, we feel a deep responsibility to help – from both an economic standpoint and out of respect for our friends in the fitness community. 

With this vision to support local businesses while holding a safe event for thousands, we’ve decreased our booth price by nearly 50 percent for all FitCon 2020 vendors. We’re eager to bring back favorite fitness brands and influencers, including famous fitness couple Rob and Dana Linn Bailey, strongman Brian ShawJay Cutler (Mr. Olympia), Brooke EnceFlex LewisBlessing Awodibu, and stars of Discovery Channel’s “Diesel Brothers” TV show Keaton Hoskins, Heavy D, and Diesel Dave. Plus, FitCon 2020 attendees will have safe access to all of our events and competitions including Powerlifting, Crossfit, MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Sumo Wrestling, Strongman, Armored Combat and more to be announced. 

As we get closer to FitCon 2020, we say “thank you” to our vendors, athletes and fans for your support and excitement! We’re thrilled to be part of a community that uplifts each other – even during hard times. 

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