Utah’s Gabb Wireless offers new Gabb Watch

Lehi — Gabb Wireless, the leading company to provide safe tech for kids, announced the expansion of its product line to include the Gabb Watch: a safe smartwatch for kids. The Gabb Watch joins the award-winning Gabb Z2 “smart for kids” phone. 

Existing Gabb customers can pre-order beginning tomorrow and will receive a 30 percent discount. The Gabb Watch will be available to the public for pre-order on June 30. The watch is expected to ship to customers before the end of July. 

The new Gabb Watch offers safety for children of various ages. Suited for kids with the need for phone-like connection with family and friends, the Gabb Watch triples as a phone, an active GPS tracker and an interactive smartwatch. With unlimited talk and voice-messaging capabilities, the Gabb Watch provides reliable connection and safety for children at all times. 

“Our mission is to provide safe tech for kids,” says Gabb CEO and founder, Stephen Dalby. “The expansion of Gabb is focused on safety and connection for every family member. Kids who might not be ready for a Gabb Phone now have the Gabb Watch as an option. The Gabb Watch is the right first step.”  

Priced right for kids at $99.99, the Gabb Watch includes the following essential safety features: 

  • Calling, voice messaging and pre-set text messaging capabilities
  • Reliable GPS and tracking functionality
  • Custom contact list–no outside calls or texts
  • SOS/emergency contact 
  • Customizable safe zones

Gabb Wireless has grown considerably since its establishment in 2018. Reaching concerned parents nationwide, Gabb provides solutions to the dangers of the current youth-technology dilemma. The average tween spends four to seven hours per day in front of a screen. By providing safe devices that reduce screen time, Gabb Wireless is becoming the household name in safe tech for kids.

“We are very excited to add the Gabb Watch to our product line and continue to provide safe tech for even more kids,” says Colin Cole, managing director of Gabb Wearables. “The Gabb Watch allows kids to be kids while staying protected and connected: fun for kids, peace of mind for parents.”

Studies suggest a parallel between a child’s excessive screen time/social media presence and this generation’s rise in anxiety, depression, suicide, and sexual abuse among adolescents. To combat this growing concern, Gabb Wireless has taken on the mission to provide safe tech for kids; protecting them from cyberbullying, inappropriate internet content, screen-time addiction, and online predators.

“As a parent, I’ve experienced the value of introducing tech in steps,” says Anne Marie McDonald, Gabb VP of PR and Strategy. “The Gabb Watch brings peace of mind to an engaged parent. Kids experience freedom and learn how to handle technology, while parents keep them safe from a distance.”

About Gabb Wireless

Founded in 2018, Gabb Wireless is a rapidly growing cellular network company that provides safe technology for kids. Gabb’s products are the only safe offerings in the phones-for-kids niche, filling a clear gap in the market by targeting an underserved demographic. With a mission to solve the growing screen-time addiction among adolescents, Gabb creates the safest technology for kids. As kids grow, Gabb offers age-appropriate products that keep families connected, give kids freedom and provide parents peace of mind. Learn more at