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Utah Impact Partnership launches its flagship initiative, Project Human Dignity

Salt Lake City—The Utah Impact Partnership (UIP) is proud to announce its flagship initiative, Project Human Dignity. Introduced through a multimedia campaign released over the weekend, this initiative presents two videos featuring photographs and narratives of individuals who are experiencing homelessness in Utah. Led by Utah’s civic and philanthropic leaders, Project Human Dignity aims to raise awareness about homelessness and encourage community involvement in addressing the pressing issue.

“Every individual in Utah deserves to be seen and treated with dignity,” said Clark Ivory, chair of the Utah Impact Partnership. “Our community is unifying in an unprecedented way to take care of our neighbors so they are not subjected to unnecessary trauma or neglect. By elevating the dignity of each individual and sharing their stories, we reinforce our humanity and underscore our collective responsibility to uplift and support one another.”

The goal of the initiative is to find solutions for our homeless community, ensuring that every individual has a secure place to call home, reducing homelessness both immediately and in the long run. To achieve this goal, UIP has brought together a coalition that spans community champions, housing and mental health experts, emergency responders, elected officials, and service providers from both the public and nonprofit sectors — all committed to driving significant transformation across Utah.

“We invite Utahns to join us in a movement that marries courage with compassion, education with action, and respect with service, aiming to uplift and dignify every corner of our community,” said Gail Miller, co-founder of the Utah Impact Partnership and emeritus vice chair. “Join us as an Impact Partner to learn, serve, give, and advocate, forging a path that will transform our community with change grounded in dignity and focused on collective success.”

The launch of Project Human Dignity marks the beginning of a comprehensive, multi-year strategy to deepen community understanding, create greater empathy, and confront the state’s critical challenges head-on. In future projects, UIP plans to build broader public support and understanding, culminating in greater alignment, unity and progress.

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About Utah Impact Partnership

The Utah Impact Partnership is a vanguard of collaborative change, uniting Utah’s philanthropic, business, and civic leaders to tackle the state’s most pressing challenges. With a sharp focus on homelessness, social mobility, and economic prosperity, UIP exemplifies “Philanthropy Magnified, Impact Elevated,” driving strategic solutions that promise a more prosperous and resilient future for Utah. This partnership stands as a beacon of innovative leadership and community engagement, setting a new standard in transformative, collective impact. Learn more and join us:


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