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Communities turn to local Utah farmers amid meat processor closures

Salt Lake City— As consumers are bracing for another hiccup in the COVID-related food supply chain, anticipating possible protein shortages due to more commercial meat processors closing, there is a great alternative. In Utah, customers are turning toward their small local farmers to help bolster their household’s meat supply.  

Kristin’s Farm Stand Salt Lake (www.Kristins-SaltLake.com) is a direct-to-consumer farm serving customers from the northern parts of Utah down to Salt Lake City, Spanish Fork and everywhere in between. They’re a local, sustainable, and environmentally friendly farm located just outside of Snowville, Utah, raising local pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef, along with pasture-raised chicken eggs, soil-grown vegetables, microgreens, and more. Kristin and her team sell all meats by the individual cut to make it easy for families to purchase exactly what they want in the quantities they need (no need to buy a whole cow). In addition, they use small local humane processing facilities, reducing carbon emissions, and ensuring that local dollars stay within the community.

“During these times when we’re all experiencing uncertainty in our food supply system, there’s comfort in turning directly to your local Utah farmer for your needs,” said Varela. 

Varela continues, “On our farm, we only sell locally what we grow, raise and harvest ourselves. We deliver it straight to our customers’ doors directly from our farm. Our customers can see exactly where and how their food is being raised with total transparency, order it online, and get it delivered by us, safely to their house.”

During such vulnerable times, in addition to being delicious, nutritionally dense and safe, small, local direct-to-consumer farms like Kristin’s Farm Stand Salt Lake are making access to fresh foods both consistent and convenient for local families.

About Kristin’s Farm Stand:

In 2016, Kristin had a nasty scare when her daughter became quite sick with a mystery illness. It became crucial to her daughter’s life to know and trust their food source. Where it came from, was it sprayed with dangerous chemicals, whether it was picked ripe and fresh and how long ago it was harvested were all critical factors to her daughter’s health. After 8 years of learning how to practice organic and regenerative farming, Kristin Varela and her husband Chris Schild, both with successful start-up backgrounds launched a direct-to-consumer regenerative farm concept, raising pasture-raised proteins and safe produce, then delivering incredibly fresh and nutrient-dense produce and pasture-raised proteins straight from their farm direct to customer’s homes. They started in Colorado and have recently expanded into Idaho and Utah, both of which are serviced by their 600-acre regenerative farm sitting on the Idaho/Utah border. Read more here: https://kristins-saltlake.com/about-our-farm

With her last startup, Kristin appeared on The View, CBS The Early Show along with features in The Rachel Ray Show, Good Morning American Online, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, USA Weekend, Money Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Parents Magazine, NPR and more, along with hundreds of local television, radio and print outlets.