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Utah Business

Exploring the initiatives that will bolster Utah’s economy and quality of life in the years ahead.

Utah’s dynamic initiatives for future prosperity

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Utah’s landscape is ever-changing and ever-evolving, bringing new opportunities, initiatives, projects and growth. At the Salt Lake Chamber, we are ready to move things forward; together, we can take charge of our destiny and meet the demands of the New Utah. With so many upcoming projects and initiatives, we can further shape Utah into the place we want to live, work, play and thrive for many years to come. Let’s mention some of the incredible things happening:

2034 Winter Olympics

Utah has the opportunity to host the 2034 Winter Olympic Games, a prospect that holds tremendous potential for our great state. Our world-class slopes and iconic landscapes would attract individuals from all over the globe, boosting tourism revenue before, during and after the games. An influx of visitors benefits local businesses, increases consumer spending and drives tax revenue. Investments in infrastructure and facilities would also lead to more job opportunities, better developments and economic growth. 

SLC International Airport

The evolution of the Salt Lake City International Airport has been monumental. Our airport was constructed over 60 years ago, equipped to handle half as many people as it does today. With so many more travelers arriving and departing every single day, changes were needed to keep up with the ever-changing aviation industry, security needs and safety regulations. The new design is easy to use, more efficient and sustainable. Not only has this state-of-the-art airport made travel more seamless, but it also enhances Utah’s connectivity, making it a hub for business, tourism and residency.

Big League Utah

Utah hopes to make a home for Major League Baseball. This venture would bring significant economic and cultural benefits, including job creation, improved quality of life and overall unity. Visitors will come to visit the ballpark and enjoy the many other attractions Utah has to offer. There’s nothing better than getting together as family and friends to enjoy wholesome entertainment during the warm Utah months.

Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

The UTA plays a pivotal role in fostering a robust and healthy economy in Utah. There are new projects in the works to expand available transportation in smart and effective ways. You can review the 2030 strategic plan on UTA’s website. By providing alternative options to driving, UTA ensures mobility for Utahns and offers critical access to jobs, health care, education and essential services. The economic benefits extend further as UTA services reduce traffic congestion, enhance air quality and increase property values.

Additional opportunities for economic growth and prosperity can be found in our booming tech world and environmental initiatives. The success of these projects and the New Utah depends not only on the initiatives themselves but on how we implement them. It is imperative we approach them with collaboration and intent. With businesses, government, communities and individuals working together, we can build a better Utah for the future.