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UTA Board of Trustees sets vision for the future

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—The UTA Board of Trustees approved the agency’s new 2030 Strategic Plan on  Wednesday, December 21. Responsible for setting UTA strategy, the Board developed this guiding  framework with input from UTA leadership and perspective from years of engagement with stakeholders  in the communities UTA serves.  

The strategic plan creates a new core mission for UTA – We Move You. Through this mission, along with UTA’s vision – Leading Utah’s mobility solutions and improving quality of life – the Board is establishing the foundation from which UTA will partner with communities, providing leadership and value through  transit. 

“This strategic plan raises the standard for UTA” said Board Chair Carlton Christensen. “In collaboration  with the community, UTA’s leadership is setting a course for a stronger economy, a cleaner environment,  increased mobility, greater access to opportunity and a better quality of life – all driven by safe, reliable  transportation.” 

UTA’s Strategic Plan includes ambitious goals to reach by 2030: 

– 70 percent of Utah’s population will reside within one-half mile of UTA transit service. – UTA will reduce its carbon footprint from vehicles and facilities by 25 percent. 

– UTA’s Net Promoter Score (recommending UTA to friends and family) will increase by 45 percent,  gaining 10 percent every two years. 

– UTA will collaborate with 100 actively engaged alliances who tell their stories in ways that  influence transit-friendly outcomes. 

– Positive economic value and returns generated by UTA will be recognized statewide. – UTA will receive industry recognition for operating a dynamic and forward-thinking public  enterprise. 

“UTA employees are the key to this strategy’s success,” says UTA Executive Director Jay Fox. “Every  member of our OneUTA family will own a shared work plan to transform these goals and objectives into  reality.”  UTA’s 2030 Strategic Goals and Objectives are available at, with copies  soon to be mailed to elected officials.