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US Critical Materials reports independent lab confirms up to 10% rare earth oxides at depth at Sheep Creek Montana claims

US Critical Materials Corp. announced today that rare earth samples taken from 125 feet underground confirm over 10% (100,000 ppm) of total rare earth oxides, (TREO) including high levels of neodymium and praseodymium. These rare earth readings far exceed any other domestic rare earth resource. The results included channel samples from 2 underground adits (tunnels) that were unsealed in October 2022 and sampled in November 2022. These adits are dug up to 400 feet horizontally and are 125 feet below the surface. The analytical results were obtained from Activation Labs, Ancaster, Canada.

The US Critical Materials claims at Sheep Creek, Montana contain twelve (12) of the most essential critical minerals needed for the world’s evolution toward electrification and a sustainable economy.” In addition to high grades of rare earths, remarkably, the underground data continues to show a low thorium level below 500 parts per million (ppm). This will negate the need for an NRC permit and will make extraction and processing easier, faster, and less damaging to the environment.

“Assay lab results affirm the high-grade nature of the critical minerals deposit in southwest Montana. If ‘grade is king,’ then US Critical Materials Corp.’s Sheep Creek in Montana wears the crown when it comes to rare earth projects in the United States,” said Shane Lasley, Founder, and Publisher of Metal Tech News. “Sheep Creek samples collected so far are higher grade than most global rare earth deposits, which tend to run from 0.1% to 4% TREO.”

Jim Hedrick, US Critical Materials President and former rare earth commodity specialist for the United States Geological Survey (USGS), stated,

“The combination of high-grade rare earths, low thorium, and carbonatites 125 feet below surface is a geological phenomenon that does not exist in other reported US deposits. Over the course of my career independently evaluating rare earth properties within the US, I have never encountered a property with the grades being generated by Sheep Creek. I firmly believe that this project will continue to produce exceptional results and further our objective of opening a new district scale rare earth destination to address the critical rare earth needs of US industry and government.”


Carbonatites are rare and indicate the presence of rare earths. There are no reported US carbonatite occurrences equal in quantity to US Critical Materials.

In addition to having over 50 surface carbonatites, the analytical results confirm carbonatites at depth, which may indicate the existence of a larger underground formation of rare earths.

US Critical Materials’ goal is to supply consumers, industry, and the U.S. Government with the critical minerals required to meet technology, manufacturing, and defense needs, with the overall objective of addressing the necessity to obtain rare earth materials from “friendly” sources as defined by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The United States is over ninety percent (90%) import-dependent on rare earths, most coming from China.

US Critical Materials will continue to explore, perform geophysical work, and intends to drill on its properties in summer 2023.


US Critical Materials Corp. is a private rare-earth exploration and development company, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. With holdings in Montana and Idaho, US Critical Materials’ goal is to develop its properties with strategic partners who have the capital and expertise to explore, mine, and extract its critical minerals. The Company currently has one minority partner, US Critical Metals.

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SOURCE US Critical Materials Corp