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SLC International and Delta Air Lines unveil half of Concourse A-east

Salt Lake City—During an early morning ceremony, a 45’ wide by 14’ tall curtain opened to unveil half of Concourse A-east and the first five operating gates. It is the first look the public has had of the east side of Concourse A, which will mirror Concourse A-west when completed.

“Our airport is changing and growing to keep up with our capital city and I’m thrilled that these new gates are now open to better serve our residents and travelers,” Mayor Erin Mendenhall said.

It has been 31 months since the last gate opening celebration took place on Concourse B-west in October 2020. During that time, the former airport was demolished and the infrastructure to build the eastern portion of Concourse A began.

“Launching the initial east-side gates is very rewarding,” said Bill Wyatt, Salt Lake City Department of Airports, executive director. “We have been working nonstop since opening Phase 1—more than two years ago—to get to this point. To be here today took a lot of demolition work, a lot of steel and a lot of paving.” Wyatt added.

The airport will open an additional four gates on the south side of Concourse A-east on Aug. 22, 2023. The remaining13 gates and all 19 new restaurants and shops will open on Oct. 31, 2023.

“Delta operates more flights out of SLC than all other carriers combined,” said Adam Ryan, managing director of Delta’s SLC Operations, “and the latest phase of this exciting airport project is complete in time to support one of our busiest summer seasons yet. Delta’s Salt Lake City team of more than 5,000 is ready to get our customers where they want to go and we are grateful to the Department of Airports for their partnership in helping us to do that even more efficiently.”

A unique feature of the aircraft gates is the SAFEGATE Aircraft Docking System, which provides pilots active guidance to support safe, efficient and precise automated aircraft parking during all operating conditions. For passengers, the gate-hold areas have electronic power plug-ins at each seat for convenience.

In keeping with the art theme of The New SLC-Phase 1, the four new restrooms open on Concourse A-east each have a unique “Whimsy Wall,” artwork created by the following local and national artists: Amy Cheng—The Happiness and Prosperity; Traci O’Very Covey—On the Wing; Whitni Jo Parry—Big Horn; and Adam Bateman—Books.

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Facts about Phase 2 Construction:

  • Contractor: Holder-Big-D a Joint Venture (HD-JV)
  • All gates on Concourse A are leased by Delta Air Lines
  • The first 5 gates to open on May 16 are A-27, A-29, A-31, A-33, A-35
  • Drove 14.44 miles of piles
  • Erected 9,625 tons of steel
  • Paved using 236,000 cubic yards of concrete and 17,675 cubic yards of structural concrete
  • Installed 65.7 miles of mechanical piping; 200 tons of ductwork; 426.2 miles of electrical wiring and 101.6 miles of communications wiring.