University of Utah and partners launch ARTIVISM4EARTH

Salt Lake City — The Earth’s climate is changing, and the impacts are all around us. Drought, wildfires, tornados, and hurricanes are more frequent and fierce. At home and around the world, the effects of climate change are undeniable. As the world collectively confronts climate change, the arts and humanities can shine new light on this critical conversation by presenting the issues from unique and novel perspectives. Sponsored by a 1U4U grant awarded by the University of Utah, a broad coalition of faculty collaborators from the University of Utah as well as collaborators with Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and other universities across the country, have created the Artivism4Earth project to inspire compassionate and creative solutions to the climate crisis facing the world.

The project brings together prominent artists, educators, and scientists to create performance pieces informed and inspired by science and climate change’s effects locally and globally.

Artivism4Earth culminates on Earth Day – April 22, 2021 – with multiple online events, primarily set at the Natural History Museum of Utah on the University of Utah Campus.

A uniquely dramatic venue for this event, the NHMU cares for a collection of more than 1.6 million specimens and objects that document our planet’s history.

“Our mission is to illuminate the natural world and the place of humans within it.  We are committed to communicating science and serving as a venue where diverse perspectives can come together to understand critical topics like climate change,” said Jason Cryan, NHMU’s executive director. “We are pleased to partner with the Artivism4Earth Project in approaching the urgency of global climate change through individual artistic expressions and novel perspectives. We invite you to be a part of the expanding conversation.”

The events will present performance pieces featuring scientific data, dance, new music compositions, visuals, and words to illuminate the climate crisis.

“Can we slow the effects of climate change? Can we adapt to create a more resilient planet for humans and nature?  Can we protect communities that are disadvantaged and most at risk? What kind of future do we want to leave for the next generation? These questions stir powerful emotions,” said Artivism4Earth co-directors Elisabet Curbelo and Hasse Borup (both University of Utah School of Music faculty). ” Science can help us measure and predict climate change effects, but it can be challenging to communicate and understand what the data tell us. This escalating crisis threatens us all, but with the impacts first felt by those held down by inequitable policies and systemic racism here and abroad. Collective action is urgently needed. This concern for our future has inspired all the collaborators in the project to produce performance pieces to help us emotionally process this reality and inspire action.” 

The Artivism Earth Day 2021 program includes:

  • Video Mosaic – Noon
  • Hour of Decision: A Cycle of Four Elements – 1 PM
  • Crossroads Project – 2 PM
  • KUER/Artivism4Earth Panel Discussion – 4 PM
  • Artivism for Earth: Expressions of Loss and Hope – 7 PM

All content will be released online at those times (MDT).

To learn more about Artivism4Earth and learn how individuals can become involved, visit