The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) announces applications are now open for the LeRay McAllister Working Farm and Ranch Fund. $1,000,000 in new funding is available for agricultural conservation easements in Utah.

United Way of Utah County teams up with Google Fiber for Utah’s first 20 gig installation

Provo, Utah—On Oct. 11, Google Fiber achieved a milestone by successfully installing its groundbreaking 20 Gig service at the United Way of Utah County. This event marked a significant moment in Utah’s digital landscape, introducing internet speeds well beyond what was previously possible. By offering this service to a beloved community nonprofit, Google Fiber hopes to magnify the change that United Way does in Utah County.

“We are so excited to have Google Fiber bringing us a 20 Gigabit connection. [This] allows us to explore the future, to try new things we have not done before, to better connect to the community, to better connect services, to better connect people,” said Bill Hulterstrom, President and CEO of United Way of Utah County. “As a nonprofit here in Utah, we strive to be creative and innovative. Google Fiber is allowing us to do that.”

Google Fiber has already been testing 20 Gig capability at the University of Missouri-Kansas CIty, enabling engineering students to work with big data sets and virtual reality more effectively. United Way of Utah County is the first organization in Utah to test this service.

“20 Gig internet is about enabling a new realm of possibilities. We’re especially thrilled to partner with nonprofits like United Way of Utah County, amplifying their ability to do even more good in the community,” said Nick Saporito, Head of Product at Google Fiber. “This collaboration exemplifies the transformative power of technology in creating positive change. We are very excited to see what they do with this speed.”