UDOT deploys AI tech to survey 350 miles of roadways

Salt Lake City — Movement and data intelligence company Blyncsy announced it has launched Payver, an AI-powered transportation technology that delivers instant insights through crowd-sourced, efficient video data collection and its own proprietary machine learning models. 

Payver will provide transportation agencies on-the-ground insight into which roads require updated paint lines and other improvements, while also playing a key role in preparing their cities for shared and personal autonomous mobility, predicted to account for 80 percent of miles driven by 2040.  

“By using data, and artificial intelligence we can make our roads smarter, safer, and support the rollout of autonomous vehicles,” says Mark Pittman, founder and CEO of Blyncsy. “Our transportation officials, municipalities and other public safety workers have an enormous task when it comes to maintaining our roads, which requires tons of time, resources and man-power. Payver will help this entire industry identify and prioritize road improvements more quickly and efficiently, manage their funding and maintenance schedules, and use existing infrastructure to prepare their cities for autonomous driving.”

Typical roadway maintenance is labor- and cost-intensive, not to mention environmentally unfriendly due to the extra cars, gas and resources spent gathering data. What’s more, poor roadways impact fuel consumption and carbon emissions while also creating unsafe driving conditions. Departments of Transportation and agencies have a lack of reliable visibility into the health of their roadways; even if they can manually gather a decent amount of data, it’s incredibly difficult to aggregate and format in a way that drives proactive decisions. 

Payver provides a single platform for data collection, aggregation, and analysis, helping transportation officials see all the potential issues in order to prioritize and manage their budget and workforce effectively. 

By using Payver, Departments of Transportation are able to frequently access necessary data on the conditions of their roads. These insights allow them to be more proactive in responding to maintenance issues, track road degradation over time and optimize performance — without adding the high cost of manual data collection. Payver also provides a standard measurement to help in reporting.

As part of the announcement, Payver is launching a pilot program that allows municipalities and departments of transportation to pilot Payver at a reduced cost, without having to sign up for a more expensive and long-term contract. As part of the pilot, DOT’s and municipalities can prioritize their budget to focus on the most critical issues, allowing them to use manual resources more effectively. 

Blyncsy is kicking off the pilot program this Spring with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). As part of the pilot, Payver will be deployed in the state’s Salt Lake County region covering more than 350 road miles. UDOT director of traffic and safety, Rob Miles says, “We’re piloting this technology as we look for more data-driven ways to optimize our operations and increase safety for our transportation system. The condition of our striping and physical infrastructure is a key element in delivering the best travel experience for our state”. 

About Blyncsy

Blyncsy is a movement and data intelligence company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through the power of big data and location analytics, Blyncsy helps its customers understand how connected devices are moving throughout an environment. Blyncsy’s powerful platform assists departments of transportation, cities and other private and public entities to better understand the habits and trends of people.