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Troomi Wireless™ launches new approach to smartphone safety via kid-friendly app store

Salt Lake City — Troomi Wireless™, today announced the launch of two new devices and its KidSmart OS™ Android operating system, which includes a suite of KidSmart™ Apps that have been strenuously vetted for safety. With a safe-but-flexible approach to introducing technology to children, Troomi’s all-in-one offering of phones, operating systems, and phone service cuts through the clutter of companies claiming to keep kids safer online.

While existing kid-safe devices completely eliminate app and Internet access to achieve safety, Troomi believes this all-or-nothing approach is impractical and deprives children of vital opportunities to learn safe online habits, nurture their talents, and enjoy healthy hobbies. Rather, Troomi provides a safe and secure introduction to phones, apps, and the Internet while maintaining safeguards to remove the dangers of pornography, predators, social media, addictive games, and screen addiction.

“It’s essential that families have a safe option for giving phones to kids, but safety is really just the starting point,” says Troomi co-founder and CEO Bill Brady. “Instead of cutting kids off from the digital world, we created KidSmart OS to help parents graduate kids from one level of responsibility to the next based on needs and maturity so they can nurture their talents and enjoy their hobbies. Put simply, Troomi is the phone that grows with your child.”

“I spend hours and hours every week counseling worried parents whose kids have fallen victim to the virtual world and are failing to thrive, demotivated and disinterested in the real world. We are seeing unprecedented rates of anxiety and depression among young people, now proven to be associated with the influence of highly addictive and persuasive social media platforms and video games,” says certified Parent Coach Louise Clarke, author of Parenting the Modern Teen and host of the “Parenting in the Thick of It” podcast. “I believe Troomi’s solution for introducing technology to kids in a step-by-step, healthier way is a vital approach if we hope to protect a child’s developing brain from the negative impact of too much time immersed in the virtual world at the expense of the real one, and help stem the mental health crisis among young people.”

According to recent studies conducted by Pew Research Center, 65 percent of parents believe their teenagers spend too much time on their phones and 54% of teens themselves also believe they spend too much time on devices. On top of that, 71 percent of parents with kids between the ages of 5 and 11 have sought advice from doctors on how to prevent screen addiction. In an exploration of how to address these critical issues, a national survey of 800 moms conducted by Troomi in 2021 showed a preference for easy-to-use parental controls and the ability to choose from a safe set of apps over eliminating apps altogether.

KidSmart OS
Through its revolutionary operating system, Troomi empowers parents to easily customize a phone environment for a child based on their age, needs, and maturity level. With no social media, no addictive games, no open browsers, no bullies or predators, no pornography—and through absolute protection from spam calls—Troomi keeps kids safe while preparing them for future responsibility. On top of these safeguards, parents can customize the device’s app environment by choosing from Troomi’s growing suite of KidSmart™ Apps, a wide variety of apps that promote learning, foster creativity, help kids enjoy their hobbies, explore STEM or grow their talents.

Troomi Devices
Troomi has gone to market with two Samsung phones that kids will be excited to use—both priced favorably for young users. The Samsung Galaxy A12 features a 16MP main camera and 32GB of internal memory and sells for $179.95, while the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G features a 48MP main camera and 64 GB of internal memory and sells for $279.95. Both devices come standard with GPS location services and have 6.5-inch edge-to-edge displays, quad cameras, slim profile design, extra-long battery life, and Bluetooth capabilities. Devices come pre-loaded with KidSmart OS™ and are ready to activate with one click.

Troomi Phone Plans
Built on one of America’s leading 4G/5G networks, Troomi service plans are priced for kids and begin at just $14.95 per month for truly unlimited talk and SMS texting to the USA, Canada and Mexico, plus texting to 190 other countries. A second plan upgrades users to MMS texting (for group texting and pictures messages) for $19.95/month, while a third plan makes access to KidSmart Apps available, including 1GB of data to run essential apps, for just $24.95/month.

About Troomi Wireless
With a mission to help children learn, do and become anything through a safe, balanced relationship with technology, Troomi is the smartest way to introduce phones to kids. KidSmart OS™ from Troomi empowers children by protecting them from pornography, predators, bullies, and screen addiction while providing tools to excel in school and opportunities to enjoy their hobbies, nurture their talents and discover new passions. For more information, visit www.troomi.com and follow Troomi on Instagram and Facebook.

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