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2024 CEOs of the Year | Trevor Farnes

Trevor Farnes | 2024 CEO of the Year

2024 CEOs of the Year | Trevor Farnes

Co-Founder & CEO | MTN OPS

How would you describe the culture of your company, and how do you maintain it?

MTN OPS thrives on our conquer culture. We believe you cannot give what you don’t have, so we create an environment where we can all progress physically, spiritually, mentally and socially—and help our customers do the same. From our Conquer Book Club and Monthly Conquer Challenge to our MTN OPS Hunt and Adventure Draw, we are constantly working as a team to uplift and serve one another. MTN OPS is a university of life, and we are all in it together. Our culture creates an environment where the team is safe to test, learn and apply in all areas of life.

Looking back, is there anything you wish you had known when you first became a CEO?

I wish I had networked with CEOs in my space earlier on in my career. The perspective and feedback from those who have walked in your shoes are priceless.

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