Tolman Media opens headquarters office to support growth

Utah — Small Utah digital media company started by a young, entrepreneurial team of friends has opened a physical office to house their new Headquarters to support fast-paced company growth. Tolman Media, known for its timeless photography and videography style, uses local photographers and videographers trained to apply the Tolman brand in their photoshoots. The company’s growth has outpaced projections, and they are excited for the opportunities that establishing a physical presence offers to further its business growth. 

Tolman Media offers quality professional photography & videography packages, with weddings at the heart of their business. Tolman licenses independent owners that service 50+ areas nationwide and globally. Along with the new headquarters office, several key players have joined the company to lead the organization in its growth evolution. With the new staff in place, they will support existing locations and future areas of growth! Definitely, a company to watch.

“It’s an honor to be part of such a promising company at such an important time. There are big things on the horizon. We are very excited here at Headquarters.” says Karen Dahlstrom, president of Tolman Media.

Supporting local artists and receiving quality service are two benefits Tolman Media clients enjoy. The company contracts with teams of entrepreneurial artists, which allows them to offer competitive prices. The company-wide training for their contractors ensures that clients receive consistent high-standard results, regardless of which location they use. [Visit] to see the Tolman Media work.

*Important to note that Tolman Media’s different locations worldwide have independent pricing and packages. For accurate pricing, fill out the quick “Contact Us” form and you will be redirected to the right location’s website.