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Tanner LLC launches innovative Cloud FinOps practice in collaboration with Wasatch Air, LLC

Salt Lake City—Tanner LLC, an industry leading, independent accounting and business advisory firm, proudly announces the launch of its Cloud FinOps practice, a cutting-edge service developed in collaboration with Wasatch Air, LLC. This service is a significant advancement in cloud financial management services designed to help cloud users better manage their ever-growing cloud spend.
The new Cloud FinOps practice is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes, focusing on delivering comprehensive cloud financial management solutions. With the increasing complexity and cost of cloud services, Tanner LLC’s Cloud FinOps practice aims to empower clients to manage and optimize their cloud spending effectively. This new practice supports Tanner’s mission to partner strategically with best-in-class leaders and teams to help them realize their full value.

Key Services of Tanner LLC’s Cloud FinOps Practice:

1. Cloud Analysis and Reporting: Tanner LLC offers in-depth analysis and reporting services across major cloud providers. This service provides businesses with a clear understanding of their cloud spending, usage patterns, and areas for cost-saving opportunities. The detailed, accessible reports will enable clients to make informed decisions about their cloud investments.

2. Cloud Cost Optimization: The Cloud FinOps practice assists clients in implementing strategies to optimize cloud costs effectively. This includes identifying and eliminating unnecessary expenditures, ensuring that clients get the most value out of their cloud investments.
3. Cloud Governance: Tanner LLC guides the implementation of robust cloud governance frameworks. This involves embedding a sustainable Cloud FinOps culture within the client’s organization, aligning cloud investments with business objectives, and ensuring responsible cloud spending.

Todd McKinnon, leader of the Cloud FinOps practice at Tanner LLC, commented, “Our collaboration with Wasatch Air, LLC leverages our combined expertise in accounting, IT assurance, and technology. This synergy enables us to offer a unique and comprehensive Cloud FinOps service. We’re excited to guide our clients in navigating their cloud financial management with more clarity and confidence.”

The launch of this Cloud FinOps practice by Tanner LLC demonstrates a strong commitment to innovation and client service excellence. It positions Tanner LLC as a frontrunner in providing advanced cloud financial management solutions.

About Tanner LLC: Tanner LLC is Utah’s premier independent accounting and business advisory firm, known for its commitment to client service and innovative solutions. With a focus on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client, Tanner LLC continues to set the standard in the industry.

About Wasatch Air, LLC: Wasatch Air, LLC is a leading provider of Cloud FinOps practice development services. Their expertise in cloud financial management and optimization has made them a trusted partner for accounting and business advisory firms nationwide.