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Storied launches StoryAssist™, the first AI-powered online family history story generator

  • Artificial intelligence engine empowers users to enter a few details and generate a draft that can be edited and published on the Storied platform in minutes.
  • StoryAssist™ was launched at the 2023 RootsTech event in Salt Lake City to an exceptionally positive reception among conference attendees.

Storied, the next chapter in family history, today announced the public launch of StoryAssist™, an artificial intelligence engine for writing online family history stories on the Storied platform.

StoryAssist™ is the first AI-powered tool to help family history enthusiasts capture rich details from the past at a speed and scale previously impossible. With StoryAssist™, users simply select a tone (e.g. “happy”) and add a few details. From there, StoryAssist™ produces a draft that the user can edit and publish on Storied in a few seconds.

“At Storied, our vision is to make online family history accessible to more people and to help users paint a more complete picture of their rich past. This means it needs to be as simple and effortless as possible to make connections and publish stories,” said Storied CEO Kendall Hulet. “StoryAssist is a phenomenal tool to accomplish these goals, and it’s just the first of many AI-enabled features we plan to launch on the Storied platform.”

StoryAssist™ was unveiled at the 2023 RootsTech event in Salt Lake City to an overwhelmingly positive response from convention attendees. Below are a few direct quotes offered by conference attendees at the Storied booth:

  • “StoryAssist made the story perfectly. It was insane!”
  • “I work for FamilySearch and I don’t usually buy anything, but when I saw this, I said, ‘I’ve got to have that one!’”
  • “It’s a great way to capture the memory, then pull out, instead of getting caught in the rabbit hole of working, and working, and working.”
  • “StoryAssist has been awesome! It is amazing to me. I can’t write worth a darn, but this I put in a couple details about a story, and it writes the story itself. The accuracy was amazing to me.”
  • “StoryAssist is mind blowing!! Storied is officially the coolest thing in the family history universe!”
  • “I’m Storied’s new evangelist – I’ve been telling everyone how amazing it is! What an incredible tool you guys have created!”

Formerly called World Archives, Storied launched its new brand and online family history platform in public beta on January 18, 2023. Backed by Charles Thayne Capital—and built by former executives—Storied delivers a modernized approach for casual and serious family history enthusiasts around the globe to connect, discover, and reminisce about the moments that matter, whether recent or in the distant past.

Storied has embraced AI in a wide range of applications, from the platform itself to new features and the marketing produced for the company’s rebrand and product launch, which received national attention.

“We want to leverage all the tools at our disposal to bring family history 3.0 into the mainstream,” Hulet said. “That includes designing an elegant product experience and using emerging technologies in intelligent ways. StoryAssist™ is a terrific example of technology making it easier for users to get tremendous value out of a product feature with minimal time and effort required.”

During Storied’s public beta, users can build family trees, create and share stories, and receive hint notifications for free. Paid plans, which start at $4.99 a month, enable users to create private groups and gain access to billions of records and newspaper articles from 46 countries.

Learn more about StoryAssist in this short video. To start your next chapter of discovery, visit

About Storied

Storied is the next chapter in family history. Backed by Charles Thayne Capital, and built by former executives and technologists, Storied leverages next-generation family history technology and billions of records to deliver a fresh approach to discovering, capturing, preserving, and sharing stories about the past. To learn more, email [email protected] or visit