SolutionStream rebrands to Kahoa and rolls out new services

Lehi — SolutionStream, a strategic digital business consultancy, today announced a client-facing rebrand and an internal restructure under its new name, Kahoa. The name is a Hawaiian word with one of its meanings indicating friendship, partnership, and joining together in a chant, as Kahoa joins forces with innovators to pinpoint the right thing to build and the best way to build it. The new company name went into effect in January of 2022 along with a range of services that were rolled out leading up to the brand launch.

The Company Restructure

The internal restructuring at Kahoa was a direct response to the post-COVID need for a blended work environment that places greater importance on the employee experience, the quality of their work, and the ability to work independently. The new structure eliminates middle management and reorganizes people across disciplines into small squads that collaborate with each other and maintain company culture. 

Expansion of Service Offerings

Kahoa was built on collaboration, transparency, discovery, wisdom, and invention. Being centered on these values and the ethos of “give me this mountain,” Kahoa will continue offering exceptional services in: 

  • Product discovery and design
  • Architecture and development
  • Delivery and quality management

Moving forward, they also plan to increase their emphasis on digital strategy and business consulting. According to co-owner Chad Atkinson:

“We are focused on helping our customers move the needle for their company. Kahoa lets us tell our story and offer more services that will bridge the gap between strategy and execution.”

About Kahoa

Kahoa is a strategic digital business consultancy that helps businesses of all sizes grow their revenue and customer bases. They leverage technology to move mountains for innovators so they can get where they need to go. Kahoa specializes in developing quality, enterprise-grade software systems that accelerate and support sustainable growth. The company’s services apply to nearly every industry with an emphasis on network marketing, edtech, and e-commerce. 

Kahoa collaborates with clients to define the best thing to build and executes it the right way with the brightest talent and the most modern methods. By closing the gap between strategy and execution, Kahoa delivers as promised. Visit to learn more and discover the digital solutions our mountain movers can develop for you.