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Introducing SmackSocial: The app transforming social lives in the digital age

Provo, Utah—SmackSocial is the easiest way to hang out. An avid social hobbyist, SmackSocial co-founder Whitney Graham found herself messaging dozens of people on multiple apps, just to get together for a movie night or to play pickleball. She spent more time trying to coordinate than actually hanging out. After finding no solution, she decided to build one.

As a dynamic startup co-founded by Graham and her fellow Brigham Young University (BYU) alum Kent Broadbent and partner Braden Terry, SmackSocial is revolutionizing the way people connect, plan events, and make meaningful memories in today’s fast-paced digital world. 

SmackSocial gets everyone the hangout information (even if they’re not on the app) and puts them in a group chat that goes away when the hangout is over. No more clogged group chats or iOS/Android issues.

Since the app’s official public launch on Sept. 1, 2023, users have been signing up by the hundreds. Dubbed by the founders as the “Anti-Fomo App,” SmackSocial is helping people use technology to create real-life connections. 

SmackSocial’s journey began as Graham’s capstone project for her information systems management master’s program at BYU. Together with Broadbent and their third partner at the time, James Stevens, they identified a solution to bridge the gap between virtual interactions and genuine social experiences. 

Since the project’s inception, the team has won pitch and business competitions and closed six-figure investment deals.

“Depression rates for Gen Z are through the roof, and people are struggling to connect in person,” said Graham, CEO of SmackSocial. “I’m hoping the app can help people re-connect, and that we’ll see greater diversity and inclusion in friend groups. Users now have the tools to cross over and combine their groups in an organic way.”

The SmackSocial app, whose name is inspired by the term for a group of jellyfish, offers a user-friendly way to connect with friends, plan events, and organize outings. Users can create and join events with just a few taps, allowing for seamless coordination of hangouts, parties, and get-togethers. 

The app’s intuitive interface makes it effortless to invite friends, see who’s coming, and receive real-time updates, ensuring that plans come to fruition without hiccups.

“Honestly, it’s not social media at all,” Broadbent said. “It’s a social coordination app. A social life app. Most social media apps aren’t connecting you to friends anymore, and they’re definitely not connecting you to shared experiences with friends. You’re not opening SmackSocial to scroll through endless, random videos of strangers, you’re seeing what your friends are doing and inviting friends to do stuff with you.”

As SmackSocial continues to grow and evolve, Graham and Broadbent envision a future where their app becomes a catalyst for a more connected and vibrant society. Whether you’re looking to rediscover the joy of face-to-face interactions or simply want to make new friends, SmackSocial is here to help you turn those aspirations into reality. Download the app today and follow SmackSocial on Instagram for the latest updates.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the iconic purple jellyfish in public.

About SmackSocial: SmackSocial is a startup co-founded by Whitney Graham and Kent Broadbent. Their mission is to bridge the gap between virtual interactions and genuine social experiences. The SmackSocial app simplifies event planning, allowing users to effortlessly connect with friends and create memorable real-life moments. Founded as a capstone project at Brigham Young University, the company is poised to become a dynamic force in the social networking industry, committed to promoting authentic connections in today’s digital age. 

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Whitney Graham
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