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SchoolAI and Jordan School District announce partnership to bring artificial intelligence to K-12 classrooms

Salt Lake City—SchoolAI, the leader in integrating generative AI into K-12 classrooms, has announced they are partnering with one of Utah’s largest school districts to bring AI into classrooms for personalized one-on-one tutoring, guidance and support. 

Jordan School District, located just outside Salt Lake City and home to 67 schools, 3,350 educators and more than 57,800 students, will integrate AI into classrooms district-wide through SchoolAI’s platform. Teachers can take advantage of AI-powered lesson plans and offer a safe technology experience tailored to each student’s individual needs. 

The platform offers more than 1,000 activities with AI tutors, interactive games, simulations, well-being check-ins and a library of grade- and subject-specific activities. Teachers also receive the benefits of dashboards with real-time feedback and moderation, so they can easily track student progress and develop tailored learning plans to meet students where they are.

“The education of our future generations is critically important; and to say our teachers are hard working and stretched in their classrooms to meet the needs of each student is an understatement,” said Anthony Godfrey, Ed.D., Superintendent of Jordan School District. “Partnering with SchoolAI allows us to introduce a tool in the classroom that lets teachers get valuable insights into their students’ preparedness level for each subject, making it easy to assist them in a personalized way that wasn’t possible before. It does all of this in a scalable format that ensures our teachers can do more amazing work without being overburdened or burnt out.” 

Since launching in August of last year, more than 20,000 teachers across 1,500 districts nationwide have adopted SchoolAI’s platform. This includes more than 100,000 students in states all over the country, including Utah, New York, Ohio and Connecticut. 

Jordan School District’s partnership with SchoolAI showcases a range of use cases where AI is used to capture the attention of students and encourage active learning under the supervision of their teachers. Eric Price, principal of West Jordan Middle School, is one of the pioneers pushing for AI to be adopted in the classroom so the current generation of students are prepared for the future. Thanks to the positive impact stemming from SchoolAI during a pilot of the program this year, students have been encouraged and prompted to think deeper about the material they’re learning, and the platform has even been used to help engage students who aren’t fluent in English.

“Artificial intelligence is going to be a part of everyday life for our students. We’re doing them a disservice if we’re not updating our concept of what it means to teach and learn with all the tools available to us now,” said Price. “As educators, we have to go beyond content sharing, which is how the curriculum was structured thus far, and embrace a new era of teaching our kids the skills needed for critical and conceptual thinking, no matter what level they’re starting from in the classroom.” 

“We built SchoolAI because artificial intelligence can transform the learning experience for both students and teachers. And we built in guardrails to protect students and enable teachers to deliver personalized curriculums at scale,” said Caleb Hicks, CEO of SchoolAI. “Future generations aren’t going to know a world without AI, so it’s critical that we deliver it to students to take them to the next level. We’ve given teachers a solution that helps them reach their goals with their students while opening up their bandwidth to focus their attention on what’s most important: each individual student and their needs.”

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About SchoolAI

SchoolAI combines AI with human-centered teaching and experience design. Our vision is a future where every student’s learning journey is as unique as they are. Designed for K12 students with built-in monitoring and controls for teachers, more than 12,000 teachers across 1,500 districts nationwide have adopted SchoolAI. The platform offers AI tutors, interactive games, simulations, well-being check-ins, a library of grade and subject-specific activities, and dashboards offering real-time feedback and moderation.

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