The newly announced Salt Lake City Park Ranger program has announced that they have begun recruiting employees. Find the details here.

Salt Lake City Park Ranger program begins recruitment

Salt Lake City — Salt Lake City’s Public Lands Department has begun the recruitment process to hire 16 new Park Rangers who will promote City parks and serve as friendly representatives to assist park visitors, build relationships, and create community.

“As our capital city experiences all the changes that naturally come with a fast-growing city, now is the time for us to create a better level of parks stewardship to ensure they are welcoming, safe and positive places for all to enjoy,” says Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall. “Other great cities across the nation rely on Rangers to foster a welcoming place for residents, and watch over these precious, public, open spaces. We are eager for this work to begin this summer right here in Salt Lake City.”

The City is seeking applicants who are outgoing, outdoorsy, personable, and are excited about serving in this inspiring new role for our parks and natural areas.

From directing inquiring visitors to where public restrooms are located to educating users about dog leash rules, Salt Lake City’s Park Rangers will be available seven days a week to help provide educational services and added safety in City’s many parks, urban trails, and natural areas.

Park Rangers will not enforce the City’s municipal code with citations or arrests but will instead promote voluntary compliance by educating the public of the City code and park rules. They will support positive use of the downtown parks and natural areas, maintenance, and participate and lead community programs. 

“This new Park Ranger Program will greatly enhance the user experience in our City parks. The friendly and reliable presence of Park Rangers will help ensure that our parks are vibrant, active spaces for all to enjoy. When you encounter a Park Ranger this summer, be sure to say hello,” said Carmen Bailey, Deputy Director of the City’s Public Lands Department. 

Park Rangers will have home stations at Fisher Carriage House adjacent to the Jordan Trail, Pioneer Park, Liberty Park, and Fairmont Park. They will hike, bike, and walk to neighboring parks in their assigned areas and will have a direct line of communication with the Salt Lake City Police Department should code enforcement be required.

Offers for Park Ranger Manager and Park Ranger Supervisor positions have already been accepted by qualified candidates who will be starting in those roles by early April. These two leaders will supervise the 16 rangers, who will work in teams of two.