RizePoint has awarded multiple STEM scholarships to smart, motivated elementary, middle, and high school students in Salt Lake City.

RizePoint awards STEM scholarships to SLC middle & high school students

Salt Lake City — RizePoint, a technology leader in food safety, quality management, and compliance, has awarded multiple STEM scholarships to smart, motivated elementary, middle, and high school students in Salt Lake City. Since 2016, SLC-based RizePoint has partnered with the local Canyons School District to help deserving students attend STEM-focused summer camps.

The scholarships are open to students in the fifth through tenth grades, who must submit applications to the district’s foundation. The application must include an essay, a letter of recommendation from a teacher, and a letter of recommendation from a peer. Winners receive money from RizePoint to attend local summer camps such as robotics, coding, science, math, and other STEM-related programs. This year’s scholarship recipients will attend camps including university of Utah’s Biology Breakdown, Photo Frenzy, Code Ninja, 3D Architectural Models, and Python for A1.

“It’s amazing to see the innovation, ingenuity, and passion for STEM coming out of our local school district, and we’re thrilled that a third of this year’s winners were females. We’re happy to help these smart, curious, motivated students learn more about STEM through these super cool local summer programs,” says RizePoint President Kari Hensien. “It’s our sincere hope that these talented kids continue to pursue STEM throughout their education and go on to make a positive impact in STEM-focused careers.”

“We recently awarded a scholarship to a seventh-grader who built his own computer that specialized in gaming – all by himself. Another scholarship recipient was a fifth-grader who understood C# and used it to create multiple UI applications with Visual Audio, which was an incredibly impressive feat for a student that young,” Hensien adds.

Applications are reviewed by a team of RizePoint employees who serve as judges.  Applicants are scored on creativity and ambition and are weighed heavily on diversity and financial need. 

“Our school district appreciates RizePoint’s generous financial support, which allows many deserving students to participate in enriching, rewarding, STEM-focused summer programs. These students receive valuable, hands-on experiences in engineering, math, and science programs, which will help propel them to do great things in the STEM fields. The students get to explore their passions – and their potential – in these summer programs, and they likely wouldn’t have these opportunities if not for RizePoint’s support. We treasure our relationship with RizePoint and look forward to working with them for years to come,” says Denise Haycock, Development Officer, of Canyons School District.

RizePoint honored this year’s winners at a recent ceremony at the school district. The scholarship recipients were surrounded by the district’s Superintendent, teachers, peers, and their parents or guardians.

The scholarship program is one of RizePoint’s community outreach initiatives with the Canyons School District. RizePoint also holds supply drives, specifically targeting middle and high schoolers in need, donating backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and other necessities. They’re also working to implement food drives to provide meals and groceries to food-insecure families in Salt Lake City.

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