New Lake Powell Business Finding Great Success on the Water

St. George — Renegade Boat Rentals opened in the spring of 2019. Customers began flocking to the company almost immediately. Great reviews quickly populated online, a testament to the focus on the customer that Renegade Boat Rentals committed to from the start.

“We saw an opening in the market,” said Renegade owner Troy Martin, a partner in the Cook Martin Poulson CPA firm in Logan, UT. “Lake Powell draws in more than three million visitors a year. They come to the lake for the water. They need a way to experience the water, be on the water, have fun with the water. That means boats, personal watercraft, tubes and more.”

Renegade offers a full line of watercraft ranging from luxury pontoon boats suitable for parties down to a PWC for one or two people. Surf and wakeboard boats are also available.

“Someone once said a boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money. Most people would love to have a boat, but can’t afford one nor can they justify the expense of having a boat for a week or so use during a whole year,” Martin said. “It just makes sense to rent one on vacation. No worries about storage, hauling it back and forth, insurance, registration and taxes.”

Some of the boats are suitable for fishing and others for riding around the lake towing surfers, wakeboarders, tubes or other activities. If a customer isn’t sure what kind of boat is best, the staff at Renegade Boat Rentals can guide the decision so the person gets the correct one.

“If you want to surf all day, then you need something that has the wake and horsepower to pull a skier. If you want to fish, then you don’t need speed, you need space to fish from,” Mr. Martin said.

About Renegade Boat Rentals
Renegade Boat Rentals, is co-owned by Troy Martin. He is also a co-owner of Renegade Rentals in Logan, UT.

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