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Relic Agency revolutionizes tourism marketing with custom GPT solutions 

Provo, UT — Relic Agency, a leader in destination marketing innovation, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking CustomGPT service, designed specifically for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). This state-of-the-art AI solution harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence to create personalized visitor experiences and itineraries, transforming how destinations engage with their audiences. 

Relic’s CustomGPT service is tailored to enhance the user experience of tourism destinations by providing instant, accurate and engaging information to prospective visitors. These AI-powered chatbots are built and trained with destination-specific information, making them experts on all things pertaining to that location. Prospective visitors input their interests and needs into the CustomGPT and receive a personalized trip itinerary with detailed information for every suggestion. This service integrates seamlessly with existing marketing efforts, ensuring that the AI reflects the unique voice and brand of each destination. By delivering precise and captivating responses, CustomGPT sets destinations apart in the competitive tourism market.

“We believe that personalized, instant information is key to building lasting connections with visitors,” said Adam Stoker, CEO of Relic Agency. “Our CustomGPT service is designed to be a personal travel assistant. This agent provides accurate and engaging responses that reflect the unique offerings of each destination. This enhances the visitor experience like nothing before it and encourages visitation.”

The development of a custom destination GPT involves a comprehensive process to ensure top-tier performance and relevance. This includes Relic gathering extensive information about the destination, developing and refining AI responses for accuracy, tailoring AI functionality to meet specific needs, conducting thorough testing to ensure excellent performance and assisting with launch and providing ongoing support and updates.

These AI-driven interactions are set to streamline visitor communications, increase repeat visits and provide valuable strategic insights for destinations of all sizes and budgets.

For more information on how Relic’s CustomGPT can revolutionize your destination’s marketing efforts, or to schedule a free consultation, please visit or contact Adam Stoker at [email protected]

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