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2024 CEOs of the Year | Randy Christensen

Randy Christensen | 2024 CEO of the Year

2024 CEOs of the Year | Randy Christensen

CEO & President | NOW CFO

What has been a significant challenge you’ve faced? How did you overcome it?

I am not an accountant by any stretch. Becoming the CEO of a company already seeing success and built from the ground up with talented CFOs and accountants was especially daunting. I came in as an “outsider,” a non-accountant—how was I going to lead this company? It was all about being realistic, collaborative, honest and genuine in my approach. I listened far more than I spoke. I’ve learned much more than they have, but getting everyone to feel a part of something bigger and sharing their knowledge with the rest of the team spawned leadership skills in people that they didn’t know they had.

If you weren’t a CEO, what would you do?

I would love to spend my time mentoring young people. Today’s world is filled with so many difficulties—the list is endless. Being able to provide advice, compassion and direction with the hopes to at least mitigate some of the pitfalls would be very fulfilling.

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