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Quotient’s Retail Ad Network launches to simplify and consolidate off-site retail media campaigns through one holistic platform

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—Quotient (NYSE: QUOT), a leading digital media and promotions technology company, today announced the launch of its Retail Ad Network that aggregates individual retail media networks to enable advertisers to target, manage, execute and measure off-site campaigns across multiple retailers through one central, transparent platform.

For brands, Quotient’s Retail Ad Network creates an “easy button” for planning and executing scaled yet targeted off-site media to drive omnichannel traffic and sales, with the ability to combine with digital coupons to further incentivize action.

“With more and more players continuing to enter the retail media landscape with their own networks, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for CPG and other brands to resource and navigate the fragmented space, determine where to allocate their budgets and measure campaigns holistically,” says Henri Lellouche, VP of Retail and Partnerships at Quotient. “The lack of consolidation and measurement standards in retail media has, we believe, created an opportunity for Quotient to become the centralized touchpoint for retail media campaigns. We’re excited to launch the Retail Ad Network, with the ability to combine retail media campaigns with digital coupons to drive further conversion.”

Campaigns executed through the new Retail Ad Network are delivered programmatically by Quotient’s dedicated demand side platform (DSP) across extensive brand-safe inventory on the open web and digital out-of-home (DOOH) properties. Powered by addressable retailer first-party consumer purchase data and Quotient’s proprietary location intelligence data, the technology serves dynamic, co-branded creative targeted to specific customer segments to reach qualified shoppers with relevant content and drive conversion. Once a campaign is live, Quotient’s advanced measurement capabilities deliver transparent performance metrics of attributable sales by channel, creative and audience.

By aggregating media planning and buying across retailer networks, Quotient’s Retail Ad Network gives retailers of all sizes and all classes of trade the opportunity to access a larger share of ad dollars, with the scale amassed by multiple retailers within the network attracting commensurate ad investment. This solution presents a means for retailers to monetize their inventory and first-party data to generate incremental revenue. “Aggregating retailers within our network is designed to allow brands to achieve significant scale more easily. Ultimately, we believe this will empower retailers of all sizes to capture their share of the pie,” Lellouche continues.

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