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30 Women to Watch 2024

Quinn McQueen | 30 Women to Watch 2024 Emerging Leader

30 Women to Watch 2024
Quinn McQueen | Photographed by Beka Price Photography

Director, Marketing & Communications | Salt Lake City Public Library System


Quinn McQueen loves exploring the connections between psychology, sociology, marketing, advertising, communications strategy and management. She graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in strategic communications and a minor in sociology. After briefly working at an ad agency in the private sector, she made the switch to the nonprofit/education sector and was at one point in charge of overhauling Salt Lake Community College’s South City Campus. She had the vision to create a landmark sign in front of the college — today, these block letter “SLCC” signs are synonymous with the brand. In her role at the Salt Lake City Public Library, Quinn has spearheaded the directive of increasing the library’s external marketing presence. She is a key member of the library’s executive leadership team and works to build trust across the organization. 

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love the creativity my job provides. I feel so fortunate to have a wildly imaginative team and have worked hard to continue to cultivate that creative spirit. There is something exceptionally rewarding about sitting around a table and brainstorming unique ideas and then actually seeing them come to fruition. One satisfying example is when the library was reopening our newly-renovated Sprague Branch after a disastrous flood in 2017. The Sprague Branch is in the heart of Sugar House and has a sugar beet sculpture in the front. We designed custom sugar beet stress balls, complete with smiling faces! Our patrons loved them, and I love that I have the independence and autonomy to try new things and create little moments of joy.

What advice would you give to young women looking to succeed in your field?

If you are lucky enough to be given leadership opportunities, don’t take them for granted. Bring others up with you along the way. As the youngest member of our executive leadership team, it can be easy to feel intimidated by louder voices in the room. Remember that there are people counting on you to bring their perspectives into the conversation. If you are lucky enough to manage individuals who are smart, talented and excellent at their jobs, it’s your role to sing their praises, advocate for them and their needs, and make sure they know you are in their corner. Share the spotlight and celebrate the people who have worked hard underneath and alongside you.

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