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Quilted Health partners with Regence to improve birth outcomes

Salt Lake City— Pregnancy care provider Quilted Health announced today that they are partnering with Regence to bring value-based payment to a midwifery model of care. The Regence EoC program is managed by Signify Health, a healthcare platform built to create and power value-based episodes of care programs. EoC compensates providers for delivering improved patient outcomes and lower costs over a patient’s “episode of care” for a procedure or condition – such as a knee replacement or pregnancy and birth – over a defined period of time.

The partnership, one of the first focused on maternity for the Regence Episodes of Care (EoC) program, provides a value-based payment structure to support an evidence-based, equity-focused care model that aims to drive better birth outcomes and reduce health disparities. This model is uniquely suited to midwifery care, because better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction often come with less intervention, and therefore lower costs.

The U.S. is the most dangerous country in the developed world to give birth in terms of maternal and infant mortality, according to the Commonwealth Fund. Underlying factors include limited access to care options, especially early in pregnancy when co-occurring disorders can be assessed and managed, high rates of Cesarean births and pre-term births, inadequate postpartum care, and inconsistent communication between members of the care team. Structural racism makes this situation even worse for birthing people of color, research shows. Well, known are the wide disparities in birth outcomes based on race, with Black and Indigenous birthing people two or three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than their white counterparts, according to the CDC.

Quilted Health puts the pregnant person at the forefront of care with a model led by midwives, partnering with doulas, OB/GYNs, community-based organizations, and other specialists to care for patients holistically, with a focus on health equity.

“Partnering with Regence and Signify in this new Episodes of Care payment model is an exciting step forward,” says Christine Henningsgaard, CEO and Co-Founder of Quilted Health. “We hope this spurs further payment reform that integrates and rewards the high-value and whole-person care provided by midwives.” 

Through the Regence EoC program, Quilted Health will take accountability for the patient’s entire pregnancy – from first prenatal visit through birth to postnatal care. Under this fixed price model, providers have the flexibility to take a holistic approach to care, including a focus on health education, timely initiation of prenatal and postnatal care, and other evidence-based services that promote the well-being of the birthing person and the newborn.  

Quilted Health exercises this flexibility to provide always-on support, wellness, and social resources, and extended postnatal care out to one year after the birth. In addition, they coordinate with insurance for those who need coverage and cover the cost of doulas.

“Regence works closely with providers like Quilted Health to deliver patient-centered, cost-effective, and high-quality care for our members,” says Alex Goolsby, VP of Network Innovation and Operations at Regence. “Our new partnership will bring the innovative, patient-focused Episodes of Care program to more of our members in Washington.” 

Quilted Health is venture-backed by Town Hall Ventures, Oxeon Venture Studio, and Blue Venture Fund.