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Pyramart awarded US patent 10430299

Salt Lake City— Pyramart, the leading artificial intelligence data warehousing (AIDW) company, announced they were awarded United States Patent 10430299, titled System and Method to Audit Data Systems to Discover Changes and/or Discrepancies Among Elements.

The patent supports Pyramart’s one-of-a-kind automated data warehousing platform which empowers business data teams to build and maintain their own data marts. The patented system is one piece of the Pyramart Intelligence Engine which looks at the data entered into the system, compares it with the data warehouse, and flags any differences for the user to correct or note. Traditionally, this task would have taken a human being weeks to do, an extremely laborious and time-consuming task, especially depending on the size of the data being compared. The piece of the Pyramart technology that this patent focuses on cuts the manual work out of the equation and reduces the time needed to complete the task from weeks to hours.

“We are proud of our product and methodology being recognized with a US patent,” says Dan Bruns, founder and principal of Pyramart. “We believe this patent solidifies Pyramart as the leader in the AIDW space, and further affirms that we are able to empower business data teams to build and maintain their own powerful data marts, without requiring data warehousing expertise.”

The patent is specifically for Pyramart’s system and computer application that audits data structures for changes. The auditing process includes comparing data in an actual state metadata storage area with a projected state metadata storage area. The results of the audit may be presented as a list of items that need to be reconciled with the actual state metadata storage area. Through a web management interface, a user may execute one or more of the lists of items until the data structures in the actual state storage match the data structures in the projected state storage.

Pyramart exists to provide a simple, powerful, automated data warehousing solution that addresses goals that are represented on both the I.T. and business sides. Pyramart’s solution is automated data mart software for everyone, with no data warehousing experience required to get the optimal experience of data automation.

To learn more about Pyramart, please visit http://www.pyramart.com/. Readers can also view the United States Patent in full here.


Pyramart is artificial intelligence data warehousing (AIDW) technology that makes data warehousing and data creation and maintenance fast and easy. The AI-driven data management software handles all the hard parts of data warehousing automatically. Pyramart empowers business data personnel to build and maintain their own powerful data marts, without requiring data warehousing experience. Based in Salt Lake City, the company works with medium to enterprise-sized companies nationwide. Find them at http://www.pyramart.com/.