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Proximity: revolutionizing political campaigns with technology

Salt Lake City—Proximity, a political campaign management software company, proudly announces its official launch. With a mission of helping good leaders become great candidates, Proximity’s comprehensive platform provides campaigns with advanced tools and technology, revolutionizing the way campaigns are run.

“Our goal at Proximity is to empower candidates with the tools for success,” said Becki Wright, Founder and CEO of Proximity. “We believe every candidate deserves to run a well-organized campaign, regardless of resources or background.”

Proximity launch -
Proximity launch –

“We’re bringing politics back to everyday people,” said Becki Wright. “When more people get involved democracy thrives.”Tweet this

Proximity’s user-friendly interface simplifies complex tasks, enabling candidates to focus on reaching voters and setting strategy. From fundraising and voter targeting to event and task management, Proximity provides everything needed to effectively campaign.

With subscription, candidates gain access to an array of features and benefits that revolutionize the campaign experience, including:

  1. Setup & Strategy – Create strategy with guided user setup according to the boundaries, deadlines, and laws governing a campaign.
  2. Proximate Process™ – Map out what is needed to get proximate to voters with a snapshot view of campaign performance and efficiency.
  3. CLAIM™ – Receive advanced, lightning-fast support for a variety of campaign needs using Campaign Logistics Artificial Intelligence Manager.
  4. Fundraising and Donation Tracking – Process contributions and expenses, target and manage donor relationships, and prepare financial disclosures.
  5. Mobile-Optimized Campaign Tools – Canvass neighborhoods, track yard signs, and coordinate campaign efforts where voters live.

Proximity understands the importance of running effective and efficient campaigns that connect with voters and drive meaningful change. Their robust platform is designed to help candidates streamline efforts, engage supporters, and make the most of resources.

“We are bringing politics back to everyday people,” said Becki Wright. “When more people get involved, democracy thrives.”

To celebrate the beta launch, Proximity hosted a Launch Party at the Thomas S Monson Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event featured an exclusive beta software demo, candidate support giveaways, and the announcement that Proximity is officially opening an Angel Funding Round.

About Proximity: Proximity is a software company revolutionizing political campaigns with advanced campaign management solutions. By providing candidates with tools they need to succeed, Proximity levels the playing field and makes campaigning accessible to all.

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Becki Wright
Founder & CEO, Proximity
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