PRC Restaurant Company acquires Squatters and Wasatch Ales

Salt Lake City — PRC Restaurant Company, LLC (“PRC”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the parent company of Salt Lake Brewing Company (“SLBC”). SLBC owns seven restaurants and a central kitchen all operating in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah as Squatters® and Wasatch® Restaurants. 

PRC is jointly owned by Jeff Polychronis and Peter Cole (Co-founders of SLBC), Sentry Financial (a Salt Lake-based boutique investment firm), and a few local investors.

The Restaurants are located as follows: One in downtown Salt Lake City, one in Sugarhouse, two in Park City, two in the new Salt Lake City airport, and a café and central kitchen in the Salt Lake International Center.

Although the brewing operations of SLBC have been sold to a separate group, the Restaurants will continue to sell all the beers currently produced by the breweries and will continue to operate under the Squatters and Wasatch Ales brands.

SLBC currently employs over 300 people and all of which are anticipated to remain with SLBC. In addition, Monae Madson, the prior VP of Brewpubs and Taprooms will serve as the CEO of SLBC.