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The Power of Her: Kinect Capital’S WeROC® Conference 2023 helps close funding gap and fuels women-owned business success

Salt Lake City—Capital providers, mentors, business executives, entrepreneurs, and women in our community are invited to attend Kinect Capital’s WeROC Conference and support, be inspired, and invest in the Power of Her – her vision, her future, and her success.

In a landscape where women-founded startups yield twice the return per invested dollar compared to their male counterparts, and with women owning a significant 36% of all businesses in the US, a stark discrepancy emerges: female-founded startups receive a mere 2.4% of venture funding. This underrepresentation extends to debt capital as well, as evidenced by the fact that in 2023, only 28% of all SBA loans approved women-owned businesses. This imbalance underscores the urgent need to bridge the funding gap and empower women entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential.

“WeROC is a catalyst for transformative change,” emphasized Tara Spalding, Interim CEO of Kinect Capital. “It’s about empowering women CEOs, entrepreneurs, and founders with the skills and connections necessary to navigate the often challenging landscape of fundraising. We believe that by investing in the Power of Her, we are not just shaping businesses, but changing lives and enriching communities.”

The WeROC 2023 cohort champions 16 dynamic female CEOs, arming them with the knowledge, expertise, and support to excel in fundraising and scale their enterprises. The program features online and in-person courses complemented by a comprehensive 6-week private mentoring program and investor feedback sessions that sharpen deal readiness and pitch delivery.

This conference is dedicated to empowering women-led companies by offering valuable insights and motivation for navigating today’s market landscape. The conference highlights how investing in and supporting women business owners contributes to the flourishing growth and prosperity of our communities. This event also caters to various capital providers actively seeking high-potential early-stage ventures for investment opportunities.

Recognizing the importance of networking and fostering meaningful connections, Kinect WeROC concludes in an all-skill level golf tournament, where women executives and funders come together to build strong networks and create new partnerships while having a great time. This tournament welcomes all players -those with no experience and seasoned golfers. While on the course, players have the unique chance to learn golf from a skilled female golf professional, increasing confidence to participate in this male-dominated networking pastime. The WeGolf Tournament promotes businesses at every hole, and paves the way for the growth of women-led companies in a fun, 9-hole scramble format. Games, prizes, and giveaways for all attendees.

“Kinect WeROC Conference 2023 is an extremely important event for us,” continued Spalding. “We stand united in our commitment to fueling the success of women-led companies, driving economic growth, and empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.”

Mark your calendars for September 5-7, 2023, as the Kinect WeROC Conference takes center stage in Salt Lake City, Utah. Immerse yourself in an intimate atmosphere brimming with educational resources, keynote speakers, CEO presentations, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Whether you choose a single day or opt for the full two-day experience, secure your tickets online today and invest in the Power of Her.

About Kinect CapitalEstablished in 1983 as an educational 501(c)3 non-profit, Kinect Capital is dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship and fostering the creation of groundbreaking industry leaders. Their mission is to empower emerging entrepreneurs, especially those from diverse backgrounds, in establishing sustainable and innovative companies that generate high-quality jobs and drive new economic opportunities, particularly in underserved regions of the US. Kinect Capital’s initiatives and programs guide companies towards becoming fundable entities, devising strategic funding approaches, and facilitating connections with investment and banking communities.