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Pop Drinks’ new location in West Jordan brings fun, flavor, and family values

West Jordan, UT—Pop Drinks, the rapidly expanding soda sensation, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its newest location in West Jordan, Utah. This marks the ninth addition to the Pop Drinks family, further solidifying the brand’s presence across the United States with existing locations in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and soon, Georgia. The West Jordan location is the fourth in Utah. To celebrate this milestone, Pop Drinks is offering an irresistible grand opening special: custom sodas for just $1.

Pop Drinks has quickly become a beloved brand, known for its unique custom sodas, mouthwatering chewy cookies such as the famous sugar doodle and chocolate fudge cookies, and freshly-popped popcorn. In the cold winter months, they also offer creamy hot chocolate. 

Despite the increasing competition in the soda market, Pop Drinks stands out. Customers rave about the brand, confident in its potential to continue to grow and thrive. The secret to their success? A blend of exceptional products, fun vibes in their stores, and spunky marketing. 

The West Jordan Pop Drinks is proudly owned by the Bruce family: Tiffany and Chad, their two children, and Tiffany’s brother, Mike. Tiffany and Chad are entrepreneurs with a vision not just for business success, but for nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within the family. Their children, all in their twenties and passionate about car camping, overlanding, and building cars and jeeps, both hold a stake in the business with equity. This venture is more than just a business; it’s a family mission to instill values of hard work, independence, and the importance of crafting the life you want.

Tiffany, Chad, and Mike own multiple businesses and are staunch advocates for a strong work ethic and the freedom that comes with being your own boss. “We love being entrepreneurs and appreciate getting to collaborate with each other and play off each others strengths,” says Tiffany.  She believes in the value of family collaboration, challenging the adage, “Don’t work with family,” with the success and harmony found in her own family-operated ventures.

As Pop Drinks continues to expand and delight customers with its unique soda creations and inviting atmosphere, the West Jordan location is set to become a community favorite. Join us at the grand opening to experience the fizzle, flavor, and family-focused values that make Pop Drinks a standout in the beverage industry.

Grand Opening on February 10, 11:00-4:00; 7173 S Redwood Rd A, West Jordan, UT 84084 

In a delightful turn of events for the residents of West Jordan, Utah, the grand opening of Pop Drinks’ newest location promises to be a memorable community event. Scheduled for February 10th, the soda shop known for its unique flavors and cozy ambiance is extending an open invitation to everyone looking forward to indulging in a fizzy adventure. But the excitement doesn’t end with their famed custom sodas, which will be featured at a special price of just $1. Pop Drinks is also set to sweeten the deal by offering a range of their scrumptious sweets, including chewy cookies and freshly-popped popcorn, absolutely free. 

The owners at Pop say: “Come enjoy customized drinks of all kinds, hot cocoa, and energy drinks. You’ll find we have the best cookies and theatre style popcorn around. Don’t worry if you don’t know what drink to create, we have lots of favorites for you to choose from!”

This gesture not only showcases the brand’s commitment to quality and community engagement but also ensures that the grand opening will be an event that creates lasting relationships and fond memories. As the Pop Drinks family grows and brings its unique blend of flavors and family values to West Jordan, this grand opening is shaping up to be a celebration of community, entrepreneurship, and, of course, the joy of a perfectly crafted custom soda.