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Non-essential peaceful protest organized this Saturday

Salt Lake City– This Saturday, October 31, 2020 at 12:00 pm, the people of Utah will be gathering on the South steps of the Capitol building to take part in a Non-Essential Peaceful Protest as an opportunity to gather peacefully and share messages of hope, dispel “false fears”, pray for the nation, and encourage everyone to vote on November 3rd. The overall goal is to encourage attendees to gather but to also spread the word about the importance of staying engaged.

Sitting by the wayside, watching fellow citizens elect leaders who oppose Christian values is no longer an option. Kristen Small, organizer of the Non-Essential Peaceful Protest in Salt Lake City said, “We have a majority of good faithful Christians in this great State of Utah. I feel this upcoming election is the tipping point of America. We are essential human beings, we are endowed with the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

People of faith from our community will be gathering in unity, looking past our differences and focusing on what unites us as believers in Christ. Christians cannot sit out this election, and we must stand for what we believe in, but we cannot stand alone. We must stand united.” The Non-Essential Protests stem from The Non-Essential Live event that took place on October 18th and streamed live for millions of viewers from all across the country.

Some of the speakers included Kirk Cameron, Charlie Kirk, Jack Hibbs, Dinesh D’Souza, Cissie Graham Lynch, Rob McCoy, Dr. Dan Erickson, David Harris Jr., and Danny Gokey. Organizers of these events showed interest after the event, and wanted to get involved. Small explains further, “I am working along with other organizers around the United States to bring awareness to American Christians. My great uncle Abraham Clark was an American Patriot and was one of the 56 signers who signed the Declaration of Independence. He sacrificed his family, fortune and his own life to sign the inspired document. The British captured his two sons who were officers in the Continental Army. They were beaten and tortured badly because they were his sons. The British offered Abraham Clark the lives of his sons if he would recant his signing and support of The Declaration of Independence, he refused. I want to share my love of God and country and peacefully gather this weekend. Come out and join us.”

For information and to view the Non-Essential Live event, visit www.nonessential.live. Email peacefulprotest@nonessential.live for more info on hosting an event.