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Park City Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau announces second-annual sustainable tourism grant, will support environmentally friendly projects across tourism economy

Salt Lake City—Park City Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau reveals details for its second-annual Sustainable Tourism Grant, a grant developed to fund programs, initiatives, promotions and events that help support the objectives outlined in the Sustainable Tourism Plan. This program allows applicants to request an award of up to $30,000 to partially or fully fund eligible sustainable tourism projects. Applications are now open and will close on April 24, 2024.

The Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau will appoint a committee to vet applications and score the submissions based on a standardized rubric. Grants will be awarded based on application scores, availability of grant funding and final approval from the Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors. Grant funds will be distributed as early as July 2024.

“Protecting and caring for our natural environment is essential for promoting sustainable outdoor recreation, ensuring the long-term resilience of our community and economy,” said Jennifer Wesselhoff, President & CEO of Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau. “Through the Sustainable Tourism Grant, qualifying organizations are given the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey towards a more mindful and sustainable approach to tourism thus making sustainable tourism efforts a community-wide effort.”

A Sustainable Tourism Plan for the region was embraced in 2022, creating a future where community and environmental benefits are considered with the same weight as economic benefits, resulting in a thriving community and destination. The grant program helps support diverse projects across the tourism economy, including but not limited to community building festivals and events, outdoor recreation, businesses and business districts. 

“Last year, the Sustainable Tourism Grant awarded 20 recipients with funding for their sustainable tourism projects, and this year, we are excited to continue our progress through this year’s applications,” said Morgan Mingle, Director of Sustainable Tourism at Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau. “Together, as a community, we can drive meaningful change, preserve our outdoor spaces and cultivate local pride and respect for the community experience.”

To read the full Sustainable Tourism Plan, click here. To submit an application for the Sustainable Tourism Grant, please visit by 11:59 p.m. MT on April 24, 2024. For additional information about the Park City Chamber, visit

About Park City Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau  

Park City Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau represents nearly 1,000 businesses in Summit County. Founded in 1963 to promote local ski resorts, today, the Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau is entrusted with fostering the health and wellbeing of the local community. From maintaining economic stability and addressing environmental concerns to developing sustainable tourism plans and preserving cultural heritage, the organization prides itself on being in the community for the community. For more information, visit