Discover Magic impacting kids during quarantine

Provo— Find a kid who hasn’t been bored during this pandemic, and that’s a youngster who has probably found Discover Magic.

An educational program that teaches magic to children while also helping them build life skills, Discover Magic has taught more than 20,000 children around the world the art of magic in just the past four months, by taking its popular courses online in April.

“This is a tough time for everyone, especially parents who are trying to keep the magic in childhood for their kids,” says Brian South, a cofounder of Discover Magic who is also an inventor of magic and a parent. “Our instructors, who are all magicians vetted and specially trained to teach the Discover Magic curriculum, made a quick pivot from in-person to online sessions when the lockdowns began.”

While kids learn how to levitate popcorn, make money appear and read people’s minds (even their parents’), they’re also getting a chance to virtually engage with other children enjoying the session. In the process, they’re learning such important life skills as communication and socialization.

A team of educators and award-winning magicians have developed the digital courses. And while kids are online for them—four courses to choose from, each with eight lessons—they also experience additional magic offline in the form of a physical magic kit they receive in the mail.

“The summer of 2020 could have been a total disaster, but thanks to Discover Magic, my son not only learned amazing magic tricks but worked on critical character, confidence, and communication skills,” says Julie Berlin of Phoenix, AZ. “These lessons were the highlight of each week.” 

Parents looking for a boredom buster that’s also a confidence booster can contact a presenter directly.

Organizations that run after-school programs or other special venues for kids should contact the Discover Magic team for help in matching those programs with a presenter.

Even though there’s not a magic wand that can make COVID-19 disappear, children still deserve to have some magic in their days.

About Discover Magic
Established in 2015, Discover Magic offers a one-of-a-kind program created by educators and some of the top magicians of our time. In Discover Magic’s courses, kids are given secret file folders and custom tricks not found anywhere else, as well as unique opportunities to boost self-confidence, build communication skills, and make new friends. For more information, please visit