Osmond Marketing announces corporate name change to Stage Marketing

Provo — Osmond Marketing, a full-funnel, traditional, and digital marketing services company, announced that it has changed its corporate name to Stage Marketing to better reflect the company’s mission, values, and core competencies.

The name change reflects the company’s core mission to guide clients’ marketing strategy and services through different stages of company growth, from startup to small business to enterprise. The company also approaches marketing services through the lens of the customer journey using the customer experience flywheel model. Stage Marketing provides strategic, creative, lead gen, event, and managed services across traditional and digital channels to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

“Our name has changed to more clearly represent Stage Marketing’s vision and provide a more accurate representation of our core competencies,” says Lathum Nelson, chief delivery officer. “It also better captures our business trajectory to offer a wide array of digital transformation services as we move into our next stage of growth.” 

Stage Marketing will continue to build upon the hallmark strengths of Osmond Marketing: namely quality, affordability, flexibility, and transparency. The company’s goals remain to help clients drive top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability through premium marketing services.

“Our success is measured by how we help clients achieve their business objectives, such as an elevated brand, profitable growth, and an exceptional customer experience,” says Emily Woll, COO of Stage Marketing. “Our operations developed organically as we responded to the needs of our customers, and we will continue to pivot as needed to continue serving our customers and giving them a competitive advantage.”

Osmond Marketing began in 2009 when the founders, Dr. Amy Osmond Cook and her husband, Jeff Cook, started the company to support their family in the wake of the Great Recession. Guided by the values of quality, kindness, flexibility, and grit, Osmond Marketing grew rapidly. Even after Dr. Cook officially left the company in 2017 to serve as the CMO of Simplus, the company continued to thrive. In fact, it has been named one of MountainWest Capital’s top 100 fastest growing businesses in each of the last five years. 

“I’m very grateful to have founded Osmond Marketing and am proud to have worked closely with the best marketers in the industry. Not only are they exceptionally talented, but they also represent what makes marketing special—authenticity and heart. They are also singularly focused on providing the best customer experience for our clients,” says Cook. “As the company grew, it became apparent that the company had become more than what the name of one person could represent. I’m thrilled about the corporate name change and look forward to a new stage—of customer experience, marketing, and growth.”

Stage Marketing will continue to collaborate with clients of all sizes especially in the healthcare, technology, and real estate verticals. 

For more information about Stage Marketing, or to schedule an interview with one of its executive team, please email [email protected].