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Two sisters redefining Utah’s marketing scene: The rise of Nona Rose

Chickens, weeds & teepees 

Grace and Camille’s journey is nothing short of unexpected. 

Growing up in the suburbs of Indiana on a small farm just north of Indianapolis and homeschooled until high school, their growing-up years were full of creative learning and building teepees in the backyard. Grace says, “There were never video games in our house, and even movies were rare! We had to get innovative.” Amidst the annual chicken butcher days—yes, you read that correctly—and work hours weeding the ¼ acre garden in the backyard, Grace and Camille dreamed of attending college and pursuing their own careers. 

Camille says, “The farm life was never for me, but I attribute my problem-solving skills and hustling nature to how I was raised, for which I am so grateful!” 

Fast forward to 2018-2021, Grace and Camille spent time apart as they graduated from Zionsville Community High School and continued their education at Brigham Young University.

While studying, Camille started Captured by Camille Ann, a wedding photography business that took her around the United States while Grace lived in Brazil, serving a church mission. 

Upon return, Grace and Camille moved in together; each found themselves changing majors to business. Simultaneously, Camille began working for a Quartz Agency as Grace built a tech startup, Roomer. 

Camille says, “I never thought I’d end up in marketing, but I found a natural talent for it.” Camille eventually began to take freelance clients of her own. When the work became too much, she enlisted Grace for help, discovering a powerful duo. 

Nona Rose is born 

Grace shares, “I’ll never forget the morning that Nona Rose really began. It was December of 2021; I recently parted ways with my tech startup and sought a new opportunity.” Camille responded to this and said, ‘Do you want to work with me?’ and that was it!” 

“It really began as Camille’s vision,” Grace says, “but since then, we have become partners at Nona Rose; we couldn’t do it without each other.” 

Camille shares, “Our first Nona Rose client was Cornelia James, an e-commerce company based in London. I closed them on a Zoom call while sitting on the living room floor; it was the motivating push Nona Rose needed.”

Nona Rose began as an SEO agency but has now expanded to include social media, digital PR, and experiential PR. Grace says, “Camille and I love throwing events. Even parties with our friends have always been extravagant; that’s just how we roll.” 

When PR became a common request for Nona Rose, they jumped right in. Now, clients come to Nona Rose most often for their digital and experiential PR services. Camille states, “Expanding our service offerings has felt seamless and natural as we grow alongside our clients.” 

What does Nona Rose do? 

Nona Rose is a brand awareness and community-building agency based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. 

“When it comes to brand awareness, community is everything. It’s every business’ love group that brings that brand to life. We live in a day and age where your brand is really defined by those who experience it,” Grace says. 

From captivating pop-ups and exclusive trunk shows to orchestrating mesmerizing influencer trips and fostering vibrant community events, the Nona Rose team does it all.

Influencer events

Camille says, “You really can’t put a price tag on brand awareness. Your brand needs to be everywhere, all the time. It always comes back one hundredfold.” She continues, “Our target clients are businesses that are serious about growth and willing to do whatever it takes to get there.” 

Nona Rose currently has a team of 7 women, most of whom are local. 

Grace shares, “Our office has become my second home; it’s so fun to collaborate, hustle, and work together; it’s such an uplifting and inspiring place, exactly how Camille and I designed it to be.” 

The proof is in the pudding 

“Companies 100x the size of Nona Rose are buying into our community. I would say this is shocking, but I envisioned this for Nona Rose from the beginning,” says Camille. 

Nona Rose hosted a rooftop yoga event in August for female founders and marketing executives in the Utah area. Grace shares, “We had overwhelming support from brands requesting to send product for our goody bags.” 

Goody bag donors included well-known brands like Poppi, Waterboy, TruFru, Clean Simple Eats, HydroJug, and many others. 

But wait, there’s more.

For the Nona Rose upcoming September e-commerce event called “The Pregame”—hinting at the evening before the Silicon Slopes Summit—the sponsorship spots were in high demand. 

Nona Rose sponsorships for this event include, Awardco,, and Klugonyx

Grace shares, “We are grateful for our sponsors; they fuel the magic of Nona Rose events!” 

Nona Rose goes on tour 

In 2024, Nona Rose is going on tour to increase their own brand awareness and connect individually with current and future clients around the United States. 

Watch for their 2024 tour schedule; it will be released on September 20th!