Nomi Health scales to accommodate the spike in Covid testing demand

Orem — Nomi Health, the direct healthcare company rewiring how care is bought, paid for, and delivered, announced its efforts in scaling its testing operations to accommodate surges in demand for Covid testing amid the holiday season and concerns around the omicron variant. While traditional healthcare infrastructure continues to fall short and retail pharmacies consistently run out of tests, Nomi Health has seamlessly accommodated a nearly tripling of its testing volumes across more than 10 states since December 10, serving more than 80,000 Americans on Monday, December 20.

“Since the first days of Covid, easy access to testing has been the critical underpinning of our communities opening back up safely and to the peace of mind, we desperately need. When traditional healthcare could not rise to the challenge, we built a new care delivery system to bring Covid solutions directly into communities nationwide,” says Mark Newman, founder and CEO, Nomi Health. “Just as we predicted past surges based on our work on the front lines for nearly two years, we saw this cycle coming and we were prepared with the supply chain and staffing needed to meet the rising demand from our fellow Americans. The Nomi Health process is seamless from registration to results, and our team of more than 2,500 go above and beyond to make the experience great, with many sites even decorating for the holidays.”

Amid the latest surge in cases, Nomi Health’s locally-led testing infrastructure:

  • Managed rapid spikes in testing volume, having served 81,000 Americans on Monday, December 20 and more than 64,000 Americans on Friday, December 17, up from nearly 33,000 on December 10;
  • Turns around PCR test results in 19.5 hours on average despite the surge;
  • Turns around antigen test results in 1 hour or less despite the surge;
  • Operates more than 200 sites nationwide and the largest mobile testing program in the country;
  • Hosts 5-minute easy online patient registration process;
  • Makes customer support available every day in multiple languages; and
  • Operates many of the country’s “test to travel” and “test to stay” programs to keep travel and schools safely open.

Nomi Health also recently launched sequencing in many states to assist local leaders with the information they need to respond effectively and is preparing for the effective deployment of antiviral medication. For more information about Nomi Health, visit

About Nomi Health

Nomi Health is a direct healthcare company successfully re-wiring how healthcare is bought, paid for, and delivered in America, to the benefit of patients, providers, and the buyers of healthcare in both the public and private sectors. Based in Orem, Utah, we’re a team of over 2,000 nationwide, each actively working to lower care costs, widen care access and improve the experience for all. The company’s Nomi Care platform — featuring local clinical and operations field teams, a sustainable supply chain, and seven networked laboratories – have served over 8 million Americans with everyday healthcare services, including powering up to five percent of the nation’s Covid testing volumes. Nomi Connect is a business operating system and payment platform enabling organizations to purchase healthcare directly and providers to be paid in real time. Nomi Health’s cross-functional leadership team hails from America’s most established clinical, healthcare, technology, and finance organizations. Visit us @NomiHealth and