Nomi Health manages spike in demand for free Covid testing in Utah

Orem — As the positive rates of Covid continue to increase in Utah, Nomi Health, the direct healthcare company coordinating Covid testing and vaccination efforts across the country, continues to effectively manage the state’s evolving testing demands. Since June 28th, Nomi has managed a 30 percent rise in Covid testing demands across the site, including Provo and Draper. Nomi Health Covid testing solutions are free and do not require any medical referral or presence of symptoms.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, Nomi has been a collaborative partner to the State of Utah providing quality, no-cost testing services to Utahns. Nomi also operates the largest mobile Covid response program in the state, with eight mobile units serving the hardest-hit and most remote communities.

​“A few alarming factors are contributing to the sharp increase in positive Covid cases in Utah: the end of universal mask mandates, the increased infectivity of the Delta variant and Utah’s vaccination rate not reaching the level needed for herd immunity,” explains Dr. June Steely, Nomi Health Medical Director.

Dr. Steely offers these tips to stay safe and protecting your community:

  1. Get vaccinated – schedule an appointment,
  2. Continue to wear a mask while inside public places
  3. Be diligent about cleanliness including regular hand washing

To date, Nomi has completed 327,000 tests and more than 120,000 vaccines across the State, serving communities such as Utah State Prison, Ken’s Lake Campground, and Wendover.

To make a testing appointment please visit or call (801) 783-1829.

About Nomi Health

The way we pay and deliver healthcare in America today is fundamentally broken, burdened by layers of avoidable inefficiencies that drive up costs and create unnecessary delays in care. Founded in 2019, Nomi Health is a direct healthcare company with a simple yet bold mission: rewire how we pay for and deliver healthcare to create a more cost-effective — and simply effective — experience for employers, patients, and providers alike. Our Covid public health testing and vaccine programs are a perfect example of a more direct, digital-first health care model at work. Find out more at