Noble launches new app to support mental health professionals

Lehi — Amid increasing demand for mental health care, recent studies show that as much as 78 percent of therapists self-reported burnout during the pandemic,1 and there will be a 10 percent increase in demand for mental health professionals by 2026.To support mental health professionals in shouldering the ever-growing need for mental health care, Noble, a new innovative, mental health-focused company, today announced the launch of its new app, offering automated between-session support and therapist-created, research-backed content for clients.

By joining Noble, clients will have 24/7 access to self-guided curriculum, or Roadmaps, that can be assigned by mental health professionals to clients between sessions for consistent, achievable opportunities for connection, personal growth and healing. Each Roadmap – covering topics like anxiety, addiction, depression, parenting, infidelity and more – is rooted in evidence and thoroughly reviewed by clinical data scientists and certified therapists, featuring high-quality videos and thoughtful assessments to track progress.

“We believe the mental health profession is the most noble of professions,” said Eric Red, co-founder of Noble. “In my own life, I’ve experienced the impact of suicide, addictions and other mental health issues. I know first-hand that these issues are not only tough to overcome, but are also tough to support. Therapists and other mental health professionals don’t get the credit they deserve or support they need. Our goal is for this new app to revolutionize the mental health care system and enhance the client relationship by helping mental health professionals get to the root of mental health issues sooner and build deeper connections.”

As they journey through their Roadmap, individuals are encouraged to reflect on what they are learning through journaling prompts, flag areas where they need more support and message their mental health professional directly through an in-app communication feature. Mental health professionals can then respond to messages, and future app updates will allow them to set communications settings to receive batched patient messages at specified times, creating intentional time to focus on patient communications and helping improve work-life balance.

The app is also available to businesses looking to proactively prioritize employees’ mental health. With 77 percent of full-time US workers reporting that their productivity at work was impacted by their mental health in the past year,3 the Noble app offers access to quality mental health resources and professionals to help employees to thrive personally and professionally.

While developing the app, Noble co-founders Eric Red, Dr. Kevin Skinner, and Danny Jackson leaned on their own experiences running their Lindon, Utah-based therapy clinic, Addo Recovery, as well as interviews with dozens of therapists to ensure the app is as beneficial and user-friendly as possible. All revenue from patient subscriptions to the app goes directly to the mental health professional, allowing them to earn a passive income and take more time off, so they can take care of their own mental health and continue taking care of others. 

“As therapists, we so rarely take time off to care for ourselves, leading to an acceleration of burnout,” says Dr. Kevin Skinner, LMFT, CSAT, EMDR, and co-founder of Noble. “Having been a therapist for over 20 years, I’ve had challenges struggling with burnout and have seen the urgent need for mental health support, which is higher now more than ever. Fortunately, the mental health resources and support we need are available, and we don’t have to combat the mental health crisis alone. By taking care of ourselves, therapists are able to recharge and re-energize, so we can continue dedicating our time to helping people be the best versions of themselves.”

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About Noble
Noble is an innovative, mental health-focused app that offers therapist-created, research-backed Therapy Roadmaps designed to help individuals find healing through connection and habit-building. Noble helps increase the effectiveness of one-on-one therapy sessions by providing automated, between-session content, individualized assignments, and thoughtful assessments for clients. In turn, Noble aims to reduce burnout for mental health professionals by creating an opportunity to earn a passive income and providing access to supplemental tools and resources for mental health professionals to offer a more consistent, interactive client experience. For more information, please visit