Come and enjoy a magical evening as LiveDAYBREAK introduces artists and their 12 newly installed art pieces in Daybreak on Art Ave.

12 new art pieces in Daybreak unveiled

South Jordan —Come and enjoy a magical evening as LiveDAYBREAK introduces artists and their 12 newly installed art pieces in Daybreak on Art Ave. During the Art Ave, Stroll participants will have the opportunity to discuss art interpretations with the artist and Daybreak Arts Council members! By the end of 2022, the Arts Council will have commissioned more than 37 permanent art projects and 40 temporary or seasonal installations throughout the Daybreak.

Assisted funding has come from the Zoo, Art, and Parks (ZAP) tax grant through Salt Lake County. The grant aims to improve two projects/ festivals within Daybreak, the Fizz Fest Arts Festival and the Art Avenue art display. Art Avenue is a program patterned after Art Around the Corner in St George, where artists lend pieces for a year-round outdoor display and receive a stipend from the owner. In return, LiveDAYBREAK advertises the pieces for sale on their behalf. (Link to Art Avenue:

“The funds will allow us to include additional artists into Fizz Fest as well as include two new pieces along Art Avenue,” says Karen Sewell – a resident chairperson for the Daybreak Arts Council.

Since 2017 Daybreak has introduced public art pieces into the community, including ten utility box wraps, murals, sculptures, and interactive Art. The funds come from a small percentage of Daybreak’s commercial real estate sales, not from HOA dollars.

“The amount of the funding is not a lot, but we are optimistic we can be excellent stewards of these funds, so we will be in a position to apply for much more in the future,” says Dan Rodgerson, LiveDAYBREAK Director.

LiveDAYBREAK is grateful for all the artists – and art lovers – who make Daybreak the vibrant community it is. After all, as Frederich Nietzche says, “The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”

The 2022 Art Ave Stroll will be on October 15, 2022, from 3:00 until 5:00 PM at Linear Park (5131 W Lake Ave).


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