Nature’s Sunshine’s launches new personalization program

Salt Lake City — Nature’s Sunshine (NASDAQ: NATR), a leading natural health and wellness company, today announced the launch of a proprietary new personalization program – giving its practitioners and retailers the ability to grow their business by offering their customers personalized health packs – presorted, conveniently packed and delivered monthly based on their individual health and wellness needs.

The new personalization program, which will first become available in North America beginning this summer, represents the next phase of Nature’s Sunshine’s digital-first transformation. The new offering is an important component of the company’s five-point strategic roadmap to revitalize its business by giving practitioners and retailers access to a suite of best-in-class tools to significantly grow their businesses.

The company’s new strategy has already attracted thousands of new customers, and led to record sales in the last three quarters through March 31, 2021. Importantly, under the new strategy, the vast majority of the company’s practitioners and retailers have seen their sales and earnings increase since the launch – which was one of the company’s main objectives.

Personalization program

With the new personalization program, Nature’s Sunshine practitioners and retailers will be able to offer their customers personalized health packs presorted and conveniently packed based on their individual needs. The program organizes a customer’s vitamins and minerals in individual packs that are intended for morning, noon or evening consumption, or on a cadence recommended by their Nature’s Sunshine practitioner.

“This program represents an exciting next step for our company, and we are thrilled that our practitioners and retailers will now have the ability to provide this level of personalization to their customers,” noted Terrence Moorehead, CEO, Nature’s Sunshine. “This is just one of several initiatives designed to improve the customer experience and increase earnings for our highly trained practitioners and retailers who are already seeing a sharp increase in sales with the recent introduction of our new business model.”

The personalized packs, which will be available later this year, are convenient for customers to use, easy to take on the go, and the service is free of charge. Each month, customers will receive a full month supply of nutrients that will be automatically replenished and shipped directly to their homes. If the customer or their Nature’s Sunshine practitioner want to change their program, they can do so at any time.

“We firmly believe we have the best practitioners and retailers in the industry and we’re excited to launch our new personalization capabilities. This move further illustrates our commitment to supporting our practitioners by giving them all the tools necessary to share the healing power of nature with more people than ever before,” added Moorehead.

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