Motivosity launches new product

Silicon Slopes— Motivosity, the modern employee engagement platform that helps companies develop motivated teams, announced today the launch of new performance management tools focused on the ongoing support of managers everywhere.

As employers look for options to increase employee motivation and support for teams in new working conditions, the need for more effective managers is growing. Staying connected, having visibility into problems, and providing constructive coaching are all challenges that many young managers face with minimal help. Motivosity Lead, the new product expansion from Motivosity, sets out to solve these challenges by adding one-on-ones and employee priorities functionality to existing manager feedback features, giving managers more ways to be consistent in engagement-driving activities.

“Motivosity gives our managers the tools they have needed to lead their teams in a positive direction,” said Dorothy Moen, Director of Human Resources, WyHy Federal Credit Union. “We are seeing the difference in employee engagement and employee satisfaction. Worth every penny!”

Motivosity Lead sets out to better equip companies to fix the broken, antiquated standards of infrequent employee reviews and unstructured manager one-on-ones by taking an agile approach. Traditional solutions that rely on annual touch points and have no way to frequently track or measure progress fail to give managers the support to develop motivated teams. With Motivosity Lead, managers and employees can open up frequent lines of communication to set priorities, in addition to sharing appreciation, all within the existing engagement suite that teams love. The new offer includes improved functionality for one-on-ones, employee feedback, succession planning, key player analysis, and priorities.

“Companies recognize that developing their managers pays huge dividends. Our goal with Motivosity Lead is to focus on that need specifically, by getting rid of the old processes and creating a modern way to help managers be better managers,” said Scott Johnson, founder and CEO of Motivosity. “When managers are effective, their teams are more motivated.”

Motivosity Lead will be immediately available as a point solution, giving line-of-business owners the opportunity to support managers independently from other cross-department initiatives. For leadership looking to improve performance and connectedness within teams, Motivosity Lead can supplement without replacing other systems.

About Motivosity
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