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Mor snacks announces launch

Salt Lake City— MOR snacks, a new company that is simplifying the way we snack, is proud  to announce the launch of their snack line. MOR snacks was created to be a snack that wasn’t just  another bar or trail mix, but a flavor packed combination of only the best ingredients – dried  cheese, freeze-dried fruit, and nuts. It’s a healthy snack full of nutrition and tons of flavor! Aiming  to redefine what we consider a healthy snack, MOR is entering the snack market with the most  basic of offerings that our body actually craves and works with your healthy lifestyle, not against  it. Welcome to an elevated snacking experience that will have you craving MOR!  

About MOR snacks 

MOR snacks was founded by Morley Baker who wanted a snack that would actually keep up with  his active lifestyle. Sick of the usual bars and trail mix, which always have added, unnecessary,  ingredients, he got rid of all of the “extras” and created a sugar and preservative free snack. MOR is  the most basic of snacks that’s actually really good and really good for you. Find Mor Snacks Online at www.MorSnacks.com

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