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MāHK Advertising ranks best, worst $7M Super Bowl ads

Salt Lake City—With companies spending $7 million plus for ads broadcasted to over 100 million Super Bowl viewers, MāHK ad-makers will cast votes to label the best and worst commercials of the game with boos and cheers at the nation’s longest-running ad bowl lunch party Mon., Feb. 12, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., 2545 E. Parleys Way, Salt Lake City.

“We launched the Ad Bowl 29 years ago before anyone was rating the Super Bowl ads because this is our world, and we love seeing the best creative ads,” said Tal Harry, MāHK Advertising EVP. “In a boisterous way, we judge all the national ads, including mainstays, such as Budweiser and Pepsi, and new or returning Super Bowl advertisers like NYX Professional Makeup, Dove, and more.”

“The pressure to perform is high because some ads cost $7 million for 30 seconds of airtime,” said Jason Kassing, MāHK Advertising EVP.

This year’s Super Bowl will be unique in that more women than ever will be watching.

Women and girls make up more than 45% of the NFL fanbase. Due to what is being called the “Taylor Swift effect,” teen girls watching the Super Bowl will be up 8.1%. Many attribute the increase in women-targeted Super Bowl ads from Dove, NYX and others to Swift’s presence around the NFL.

“As both an advertiser and an NFL viewer, the female influence on this year’s big game is going to be exciting,” said Karen Andrews, MāHK Advertising EVP. “The impact from ‘Swifties’ is bringing a new, younger, and hard-to-reach audience to the sport like we have never seen. It is definitely a win/win and a trend I hope continues.”

Join us as we celebrate creativity and excellence at the annual MaHK Advertising Ad Bowl.

MāHK’s creative gurus will judge advertisers in these categories: 

  • Most Valuable Ad Award
  • Best Low Budget Ad Award
  • Celebrity Sack Ad Award
  • Championship Chuckle Ad Award
  • Illegal Use of Money Ad Award
  • Creative Fumble Ad Award 
  • Should Have Punted Ad Award

All winners will be listed on and @mahk_advertising on Instagram.

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Tal Harry