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LoanPro awarded Utah’s “Fintech of the Year” award for innovation and leadership

Salt Lake City — LoanPro, the market-leading API-first lending and credit platform, was awarded the 2023 Fintech of the Year award by the State of Utah Governor’s Fintech Advisory Council.

LoanPro was awarded the 2023 Fintech of the Year award by the State of Utah Governor's Fintech Advisory Council, in recognition of the company's modern credit platform and its ability to propel financial innovation.
LoanPro was awarded the 2023 Fintech of the Year award by the State of Utah Governor’s Fintech Advisory Council, in recognition of the company’s modern credit platform and its ability to propel financial innovation.

The advisory council, which includes founders, executives, venture capital firms, public education leaders, state run universities leaders, and others, has made it their mission to make Utah the innovation hub for fintechs. While the state is already a national leader in employment, upward mobility, and wealth creation, the advisory board guides policies, regulations, and private sector developments that will enable fintechs to found, operate, and scale successfully, with the ultimate aim of making Utah an international capital for fintech development.

One aspect of their efforts has been to recognize and applaud the companies and individuals who are driving fintech innovation in the state. This year, they awarded LoanPro their Fintech of the Year award. Founded nearly two decades ago out of a dissatisfaction with the existing lending softwares on the market, LoanPro has since grown into a robust, modern credit platform, capable of supporting virtually any credit product from customer acquisition to final payment. They were previously recognized by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity when they announced a new headquarters located in the state, expected to generate hundreds of high-paying jobs in the following years.

LoanPro was recognized as Fintech of the Year not only for development within their own platform, but also for the innovation that their platform enables. LoanPro’s configuration and modern, API-first approach empowers their clients with the infrastructure they need to launch and support their own innovative products. LoanPro has successfully launched and supported over 2,000 of their clients’ unique lending and credit products. The award also highlights LoanPro’s efforts to develop Utah’s human capital through their investment and partnership with the University of Utah’s Stena Center for Financial Technology. In addition to providing scholarships to students enrolled in the Fintech Business program, LoanPro has also worked hands on with Stena to create hands-on coursework and extracurriculars for students.

Alongside LoanPro, Steve Smith of the Stena center was honored as the “Most Influential Person in Fintech”. Smith and his wife Jana partnered with the University of Utah to launch the Stena Center. That both Smith and LoanPro were recognized by the Governor’s Advisory Council demonstrates the value that their efforts provide in paving the way for future leaders in fintech.

“We appreciate the community and the support here in Utah,” explained LoanPro’s Co-Founder and CEO Rhett Roberts as he accepted the award. “There’s excellent talent here, and we really owe it to all the pioneers who came before us in setting up fintechs, banking, and the climate and environment that exists here. We appreciate everyone who is creating opportunities in this ecosystem, and feel honored to accept this award.”

About LoanPro

LoanPro is the market-leading modern lending and credit platform enabling lenders to innovate quicker, driving account growth while optimizing operational efficiency. Today, 600+ lenders use LoanPro to holistically upgrade their borrower, agent, and back-office experiences. LoanPro’s mission of providing the platform to innovate the future of finance currently is enabled through its composable architecture, allowing lenders to enhance their origination, servicing, payments, collections, all built on the foundation of a modern lending core.

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